Popular iGaming Myths That Films Perpetuate

Gambling was never as accessible as it is now. Until remote online gambling became available in New Zealand, players were restricted to local casinos. For this reason, many people didn’t know the intricacies of casino gaming. In fact, for some, their gambling knowledge started and ended with the depiction provided in movies. The fun, entertaining and dramatic nature of gambling has always been excellent fodder for filmmakers. Casino movies feature various themes, from seemingly impossible heists to rags-to-riches fairy tales. In as much as films with gambling storylines are enjoyable, they can be misleading.

From Rain Man to the James Bond franchise, films paint pictures of casinos and gambling that may not always be true. Some leading misconceptions about how casinos work come from the stories movies tell. As internet gambling became more popular over time, these myths grew rampant and influenced how people approach iGaming as a whole. If you are new to online casinos, you might not be sure what is true and what is not regarding the industry. So, learning a few of the notions that Hollywood and other movie sectors perpetuated can help you look at and interact with online casinos soberly.

Only the Wealthy Can Play

One thing motion pictures are quick to portray about casinos is that they require a large disposable income. The only time characters seem to have fun gambling is when they are throwing money around. People with small budgets only patronise shady back rooms or gamble illegally. Internet casinos have done an excellent job of debunking this myth. You don’t need a substantial budget to wager on games. Thanks to 1 NZD deposit casinos sites, you can have fun on various low-limit options. With games such as online scratchies available for 1p, you can try your luck without spending too much. Scenes of gamblers paying a few thousand or even a hundred thousand dollars for buy-ins can discourage aspiring players. The depiction of gamblers in black-tie outfits only cements this misconception. People who don’t know anything about casinos might think the entertainment medium is out of their budget range. The truth is that internet gambling has something for all budgets. Even NZD 10 can get you a few rounds on an interesting game.

Cheating is Easy

From poker players trying to prove that they are great cheaters on Shade to college students counting cards in 21, the topic of cheating in gambling is common. Given how much casinos make off of players, it’s refreshing to see them lose their money, even if it’s only on the big screen. However, beating the house is not as simple as the film industry made it out to be. For one, traditional casinos invest heavily in security systems. Gambling websites also employ tough safety measures to prevent players from using tools or devices to cheat. If an operator suspects your account of unfair play, then it shuts it down. So, if you plan to try any of the tricks you saw in a movie at a New Zealand casino, then you will be disappointed. Casinos are overly vigilant of their operations.

The Rules are Simple

Admittedly, some casino games don’t take any time to learn. Pokies, for example, are incredibly simple because you don’t have to do anything other than place your bet. Card games such as baccarat, poker and blackjack are not easy, contrary to what several films indicate. Some movies have characters learning card games in a few hours and going to play against experienced gamblers confidently. Not all games are as straightforward as some motion pictures might lead you to believe. A few hours can get you familiar with the basics. However, getting to the point where you can make an informed decision whether to split 10s in blackjack or double down on your poker hand takes time. Therefore, don’t let a movie, despite how inspiring, fool you into thinking you can become a gambling pro in hours.

Near-Magical Prowess of Professional Players

If you see some of the skills movies portray in professional gamblers, you would wonder why people don’t win more. The theme of players having otherworldly talents is a common one. In Rounders (1998), the main character is a poker player who can somehow tell the cards his opponents are holding. Maverick, The Cincinnati Kid and The Hustler are other gambling films with similar themes. Skill or strategy games are usually the subject in these depictions. Games like poker and blackjack take a certain degree of strategy; they are not all about luck. A player who invests in the games and learning can get extremely good at making calculated decisions.¬†

However, the competencies some motion pictures show are wildly exaggerated. In the Bond movies, the world’s most famous spy, more often than not, beats his opponents, even in games of chance. The problem with this notion is the insinuation that skilled play is a sure bet. In the real world, gamblers rarely win, and the house always has the upper hand. Regardless of how much you hone your strategy, some part of your play still depends on luck, which can swing the outcome in any direction.

Movies can be great at educating, but in the gambling industry, they also perpetuate misconceptions. Due to stereotypes or over-dramatic narratives, motion pictures sometimes give audiences the wrong impression of casinos and gambling. Hence, it’s vital for players, especially beginners, to separate truth from fiction.