Queen of Tears Episodes 1 & 2: “Queen of Tears” is a love story between Hae-in and Hyun-woo. Hae-in is a Chaebol (a family-owned business conglomerate), and their marriage is considered the marriage of the century. Without knowing who Hae-in is, Hyun-woo falls in love with her. After three years of marriage Hyun-woo is getting frustrated by the minute. Hyun-woo lives with his in-laws and they are his bosses even at work. They do not treat him with respect, and he misses his home.

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Queen of Tears Episode 1 Recap:

The episode begins with a narration that Baek Hyun-woo and Hong Hae-in’s marriage is considered a marriage of the century. Hyun-woo tells the people recording that people always asked him how he felt being married to the heiress of a conglomerate Queen’s Department Store. He is a recruit at a company and she is the heiress to the company disguised as a new employee. Hae-in says people assumed Hyun-woo married her because of fame and wealth, but the story is different. There are clips showing Hyun-woo and Hae-in madly in love.

They meet at the company when Hae-in is fighting the photocopier, and Hyun-woo helps her. The process takes place repeatedly, and Hyun-woo starts to worry about her. He tells her that if she continues being the way she is, she will surely get fired, and his heart skips a beat when the bosses yell at her. She does not understand why he feels that way. One day, it is raining and Hyun-woo gives her an umbrella. He confesses his love for her in a peculiar way.

He says that his family has enough cows and he has paid two years lease on his house. Moreover, he always dreamed of having a working wife, but for him, it is okay to be the sole breadwinner. He gives her the umbrella and asks her to get home safely. They are madly in love until he finds out who Hae-in really is. After that, Hyun-woo resigned and ghosted her. So one day, she meets him on a field, and they kiss, and she tells him that she will not let him cry ever and he only needs to trust her.

There is a rumor among lawyers that Hyun-woo wants to divorce Hae-in. Hae-in attends a meeting and tells her team that she wants to shut down companies that aren’t garnering enough sales. However, one of the team members says from a lawyer’s perspective, it isn’t a good idea. She calls him in and asks him why they can’t shut down the companies. He gives valid points, but she treats him like an employee and someone beneath her, and he obliges to her demands. They go down in the elevator, and she asks him why he is making it obvious that they don’t get along anymore.

Hyun-woo asks her to meet him in an hour as he has something to share, but she does not show up. However, he is summoned to the family meeting, and his in-laws look down upon him, and his brother-in-law bullies him. His in-laws ask them to have a baby to shut down rumors about them not getting along. Hyun-woo and Hae-in argue. Hyun-woo asks if she really wants a child, and she is calm about it and says if it’s needed, she will have a baby. Hae-in threatens Hong Soo Cheol, as she does not want him to disrespect her husband ever again.

Hyun-woo meets his friend Kim Yang Gi, who tells him he needs to reconsider the divorce, and he thinks Hyun-woo is cute when he is drunk. Hyun-woo says he wished he didn’t because Hae-in also believed that, and if he hadn’t used the power move, he wouldn’t have been married. He asks him not to create a fuss, but Hyun-woo shows two men and says they are there to make sure there isn’t a scandal.

Hyun-woo visits Hong Beom Ja in prison, and they talk about love and life. Beom Ja’s mother’s (Yang Mi-suk) death anniversary is taking place, and all the family members are arriving one after the other. It is the family’s tradition for son-in-laws to prepare meals for the memorial, but they don’t get to attend it. Beom Ja creates a fuss during the memorial, and she blames her father, Hong Man Dae, and his girlfriend, Mo Seul Hee, for her mother’s death.

One of the employees is quitting, and Hong Beom Jun (Hae-in’s father) wants Hyun-woo to humiliate the man as he is leaving and expose him. He does not like people quitting on them, and he will stab anyone with that intention. Hyun-woo is frightened. Hyun-woo discreetly sees a therapist and expresses how he lives with his in-laws and how they run his career. He has no time for himself and he despises his wife and hence wants a divorce but can’t get it so easily. The therapist gives him a higher dosage of medicine, and Hyun-woo hugs him. The therapist then calls his wife, saying he is grateful for her.

The owner of a spa center, Grace, tries to play mind games with Hyun-woo. She tells him that Hae-in, before marriage, has written a will and he will not get any wealth from her. Hae-in asks Hyun-woo to go with her somewhere. But he tells her he did not intend to do any such thing and visits his parents. He expresses his unhappiness in marriage and wants a divorce. However, his siblings are against the idea. Nevertheless, he decides to proceed with his decision. He gets home to tell Hae-in that. Alas, she tells him that she has just three months to live and she has visited the doctor that day. Hyun-woo cries and apologizes for everything he has done and hugs her and expresses his love. This gesture moves Hae-in.

A still from Queen of Tears Episode 2.
A still from “Queen of Tears” Episode 2.

Queen of Tears Episode 2 Recap:

The episode begins with Hae-in telling Hyun-woo what the doctor told her. She is zoning out these days and won’t realize how much time has passed or where she is. She also sees some visions. The doctor tells her she has three months to live as she has a rare disease called cloud cystoma, and her tumors have spread to different areas of the brain, and surgery won’t be helpful. He can prescribe her medicines, although she has very little time left. Hyun-woo pretends to be upset about it. He suggests they need to visit the doctor again to make sure the diagnosis is right.

Hae-in had missed a meeting with Hyun-woo because of zoning out as well. They tell each other they won’t be able to sleep that night because of stress, but Hyun-woo sleeps well. He goes into Hae-in’s room and is worried yet thrilled that she is probably dead. He moves close to her face to check if she is breathing, and she opens her eyes and asks what he is doing. Subsequently, he kisses her and says it’s a morning kiss. She comments on his glowing skin because he is in a good mood.

They visit the doctor and force him to give an exact time frame Hae-in has to live, but he is vague about it. Hae-in decides to leave early as she doesn’t want him to listen to anything more. Hong Man Dae summons Soo Cheol. Man Dae yells at Soo Cheol for paying a few billion more in tax, which Hyun-woo finds. Because of the yelling, Soo Cheol gets a panic attack and is put on an IV. Hyun-woo continues to ask the doctor questions about Hae-in’s lifespan. The doctor assumes Hyun-woo is scared and assures him that miracles do take place and not to worry.

Hae-in’s mother, Kim Seon Hwa, is annoyed with Hyun-woo for not dealing with the extra tax payment quietly. She calls it not much of a difference. She visits the office and bumps into Hae-in, who asks her not to bother her or Hyun-woo. Seon Hwa is annoyed and says Soo Cheol is on IV because of Hyun-woo, and Hae-in says she has a serious matter to attend to. Seon Hwa says she knows Hae-in can handle any situation. Hae-in asks her mother to leave and says if she bothers them, she will torment Soo Cheol forever. Seon Hwa asks her to bring it on and leaves.

Hyun-woo meets Yang Gi and says God has given him a safe exit and reveals Hae-in’s illness. Yang Gi asks Hyun-woo to pretend to love her so she can add him to her will, and he can benefit from it. Hyun-woo yells at Yang Gi, asking if he thinks he is that materialistic, but Hyun-woo does exactly that. He brings Hae-in flowers, saying it is their wedding anniversary. During a presentation, Hae-in choked on water and asked someone to call an ambulance. Hae-in is taken aback and says she is fine and the staff feel it is better if they argue than watching them care for each other.

At dinner Seon Hwa threatens Hae-in that she will file a lawsuit against her company for building something on her property. Hae-in loses her cool but Hyun-woo steps in for her and says that they will deliberate and send a response and takes her away. They ask each other to be normal as their behavior is suspicious. At home, Hyun-woo’s sister is getting annoyed with the neighbors as they talk about the divorce of someone in the village and ask if Hyun-woo is happy. Hyun-woo meets with Yang Gi and says he can’t pretend to love Hae-in. But Yang Gi reminds him that initially, they loved each other, so he needs to find that again.

Beom Ja is causing trouble, and Hyun-woo stops her, saying she is on probation and if she continues to behave like this, she will be put behind bars. She is angry with Man Dae because of his girlfriend. She tells him that it is fishy and that she does not want anything from him as he is an old geezer. Man Dae plays a game of Janggi with his girlfriend and explains the life lessons the game teaches people, but he ends up losing the game. Beom Jun and Seon Hwa take a walk and Hae-in listens in. Seon Hwa has not moved on from having lost a girl child before. Beom Jun asks her not to be hard on Hae-in.

Hyun-woo is waiting for Hae-in to come home and starts browsing the web to see if any miracles have happened regarding the disease diagnosis. He dozes off reading, and Hae-in walks in to check on him. She sees the open tabs and is moved. He wakes up, and she tells him that she had suspected him because he was so nice and wondered if he had any ulterior motives. But now she knows that he would miss her and would work hard to support her in her fight against the illness.

Hae-in is trying to open Hercyna’s store in her department store and is trying to win over Mr. Herman when his competitor Ye Na stops her. Ye Na tells her that Herman preferred working with people who had good relationships with people, and she was the only lone wolf in the room. Hae-in panics and calls Hyun-woo, and he is on trial. Ye Na mocks her as she has a happy marriage, and she doesn’t. She tells Hae-in that she has to marry Yoon Eun-sung as he is her right-hand man to Herman.

Queen of Tears Episode 2 Ending Explained:

Will Hae-in and Hyun-woo rekindle their love?

She tries to talk to Eun-sung, and he reminds her that she had asked him never to contact her. She asks to help her out with Hercyna, but he asks why he should. Hyun-woo shows up, and they introduce themselves to Herman. Eun-sung tells Hyun-woo that he had a good relationship with Hae-in but Hyun-woo is not bothered. Eun-sung gets on Hyun-woo’s nerves when he says that he isn’t bothered, maybe because he does not care about their relationship.

Seon Hwa wants to introduce Herman to Soo Cheol, and she asks Hae-in to invite him to the family hunt. In exchange, she will withdraw the lawsuit. Hae-in agrees and Hyun-woo is annoyed with Eun-sung’s presence. Eun-sung leaves his path and walks into Hyun-woo’s path, and Hyun-woo teaches him about hunting, saying he should not enter another person’s territory, and he meant it metaphorically. Hae-in is about to make a kill, but she starts to hallucinate, and Hyun-woo saves her from the boar by shooting it.

Eun-sung’s entry was much needed, and so was Hae-in’s illness, for Hae-in and Hyun-woo to realize their love for each other. Hyun-woo didn’t realize how possessive he was about Hae-in until Eun-sung arrived. In the next few episodes, we will see Hae-in and Hyun-woo falling back in love while exploring other family dynamics. Another family secret is revealed: before Hae-in, there was another child. The story might explore that aspect as well.

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