Toronto is home to the third-biggest TV and film production studio in North America. Many popular TV shows have been filmed here, not to mention that it is also host to the Toronto International Film Festival. Half a million people attend this event every year, with films from across the world being showcased to film buffs and critics. 

Toronto also celebrates films and documentaries, with the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival. With such a vibrant city scene and a growing movie sector, it’s not hard to see why Toronto is quickly putting itself on the map as being one of the greatest hotspots for both TV and movies. 

Game Development and Interactive Digital Media

The Toronto region is a hub for interactive digital media. It’s also very well-known for game development, thanks to the mixture of digital service firms and specialist tech companies. The province of Ontario has by far some of the best tax incentives in the world when it comes to digital media too. A lot of this is distributed through Ontario Creates. As Ontario as a whole is known for being such a thriving hub when it comes to gaming, it’s no surprise to see that 61% of Canadians play video games.

With the huge variance of online games within the casino sector in particular, the industry there has boomed. The projected market volume of the casino sector is set to hit $210.60m by 2027. With so much investment in the industry, Ontario slots are set to see even more variance, as developers rush to meet market demand. Live blackjack games and poker rooms are also on the rise, as Canadian gaming preferences shift to the online market. A lot of this comes down to the fact that Canada has a lot of rural areas, so online gaming is more convenient for some residents.

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Toronto’s Theatre and Music Scene

Toronto isn’t just known for TV and gaming. It’s also home to many theater companies that stage classic works. The Canadian Stage Company has brought a number of productions to life, including works by Shakespeare and Ibsen. Theaters include the Prince of Wales Theatre, the Poor Alex Theatre and even the Royal Alexandra Theatre.

The Roy Thomson Hall is synonymous with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra too, where the shows are often filmed and showcased to thousands of people in the area, helping Toronto to become known for worldwide productions, which is boosting tourism to the area. Combined with museums and a strong love for ice hockey, this has also helped to cement Canada’s place on the map as one of the best cultural hubs in the Western world.

Toronto is able to embody culture in numerous forms, whether it is through film and TV, gaming or even music and theater. With all of the latest investments in the area, it’s safe to assume that the sector is going to thrive over the coming years, with more developments helping to draw people from around the world to the city.

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