“Billy the Kid,” the acclaimed Michael Hirst series on MGM+, will return for part 2 of season 2 after a mid-season cliffhanger. The tumultuous adventures of the notorious 19th-century outlaw and gunfighter Billy the Kid features the talented Tom Blyth in the titular role, delivering a gripping portrayal of the legendary figure.

After premiering on Epix on April 24, 2022, “Billy the Kid” quickly garnered a dedicated following with its rich storytelling and vivid depiction of the American Old West. The narrative weaves historical authenticity with dramatic flair, capturing the essence of the era and the complexities of its iconic protagonist.

In January 2023, fans were thrilled to learn that the series had been renewed for a second season, set to be released in two parts. The first part of Season 2 debuted on the newly rebranded MGM+ on October 15, 2023, continuing to unravel the intricate and often perilous journey of Billy the Kid.

As anticipation builds, viewers eagerly await the premiere of Season 2, Part 2, scheduled for June 2, 2024. This upcoming segment promises to delve deeper into the legend of Billy the Kid, exploring new facets of his life and the relentless pursuit by those who sought to bring him to justice.

Recap of Billy the Kid So Far Before Season 2, Part 2 Premieres

Billy’s Rough Start

  • Billy’s family emigrated to America for a better life but faced hardship.
  • His father died from despair, and his mother was forced to remarry an abusive man named Antrim.
  • Tragedy struck again as Billy’s mother and brother succumbed to illness.

Billy and Jesse’s Bond

  • Billy met Jesse and resorted to stealing to survive.
  • Billy was betrayed by Jesse during a heist and captured by law enforcement.
  • After being rescued by Jesse’s men, Billy fell for Jesse’s woman, causing friction between them.

Lincoln County Feud

  • Billy and Jesse ended up working for Lawrence Murphy in Lincoln City.
  • Billy discovered Murphy was a corrupt businessman exploiting the poor.
  • Billy met John Tunstall, a fair businessman opposing Murphy, and felt a moral pull towards him.
  • Billy joined Tunstall’s fight for justice, causing a rift with Jesse who remained loyal to Murphy.

Tunstall’s Death and the Rise of Billy the Kid

  • Tunstall was murdered by Jesse’s gang, sparking a war between Murphy’s and Tunstall’s factions.
  • Billy, enraged by Tunstall’s death, vowed revenge on Murphy.

Shifting Power

  • Riley took control of Murphy’s gang after killing Dolan.
  • McSween, Tunstall’s lawyer, believed in the legal system and aimed to fight Murphy through the law.

Billy Becomes an Outlaw

  • To protect McSween from false charges, Billy killed Sheriff Brady and became an outlaw.
  • Unaware of this development, Pat Garrett, who Billy had previously encountered, became the new sheriff.

What can we expect from Part 2?

Season 2, Part 2 will likely see Billy face relentless pursuit from Pat Garrett, his former acquaintance turned lawman.

Billy the Kid Season 2, Part 2 Release Date:

The second half of Season 2 will return June 2, 2024, with episodes coming out weekly.

Episodes Listing:

The episode details of Billy the Kid Season 2, Part 2 are as follows:

  • S02 E05 – A Debt Collected: The del Toboscos can’t pay their debt and are ambushed by the ruthless 7 Rivers Gang. Witnessing this injustice, Billy makes a bold decision. He vows to unite the Regulators and take control of Lincoln to rid the town of these outlaws.
  • S02 E06 – The Plea: The Regulators claim McSween’s house as their new base, gaining the support of the local Mexicans. However, their presence attracts unwanted attention. A clash erupts between the Regulators and the 7 Rivers Gang, erupting into a fierce gunfight.
  • S02 E07 – The Blood-Soaked Bible: Celebrating what they believe is a victory over the Regulators, Murphy’s House throws a celebratory bash with Lincoln under lockdown. However, their triumph is short-lived. A Regulators lookout’s shot at a soldier sparks chaos, leading to a brutal retaliation – the McSween house is set ablaze.
  • S02 E08 – An Invitation: Infuriated by Billy’s continued escapes, Thomas Catron hatches a cunning plan to draw Billy back to Lincoln, setting him up for capture. Meanwhile, the Regulators launch a daring attack on the jail, but Billy manages to slip away yet again, this time with the help of Dulcinea.

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