Revenge of Others (Season 1) Episodes 1 & 2 Recap: Revenge of Others, streaming on Disney+ Hotstar, shows a story of a girl from Busan who moves to Seoul to find her brother’s murderer. While the police investigation ruled out a possibility of his death being a murder, she considers him to have been murdered. Her deduction was seeing him on a video call right before he died. Starring Shin Ye-Eun, Lomon, Seo Ji-Hoon, and Lee Soo-min, it is a suspense mystery tale that delves into the sensitive topics of school bullying and sexual harassment, among others. As a result, viewer discretion is advised about the traumas associated with such events.

Revenge of Others (Season 1) Episodes 1 & 2 Recap

While standing near a seashore, Ok Chan-mi speaks with her brother – Won Seok, at his school. During this video call, he mentions being jealous of her enjoying in this way. He also says he wants to share some information with her, which he will do only in person. Then someone walks into the classroom he is in, and he tells her to keep the call on hold. Within a few moments, that person/s pushes him out of the window. Chan-mi only sees and hears vaguely what happens in that room. The call is cut by someone else within the next few moments, leaving her worried.

Revenge of Others (Season 1) Episodes 1 & 2 Ending Explained

Ok, Chan-mi is known in her school from Busan as a proficient shooter and also gets a gold medal for her school. The reason why she cannot win is that she is distracted by thoughts about her brother’s death. As a kid, someone adopted him while she stayed in an orphanage. His name is also changed after the adoption. While she goes to his funeral, she meets his parents, who refuse to feel bad about him since he committed suicide, which is a sin according to them. Chan-mi feels terrible due to this, but also thinks that Won Seok did not commit suicide but was murdered.

While that happens, we follow the life of Ji Soo Heon, who works part-time at a bowling alley to make a living. He is also earning it to help get his deceased mother’s recovery charges. After having a heartfelt conversation with her about his future plans, he rides his motorcycle back home. But, on the way, he suddenly gets dizzy at a traffic signal and falls down. He gets hospitalized, and after regaining consciousness, he asks the doctor why he fell. The doctor tells him to come back with a guardian or a teacher after a week to learn about it.

Meanwhile, Chan-mi has a conversation with the police officers on Won Seok’s case, who conclude that it was a suicide. However, Chan-mi insists on it being a murder since she saw someone entering the room he was in. However, the officers do not change their verdict due to insufficient evidence. As a result, Chan-mi decides to move to Seoul to get admission to his school, even if she is in her senior year. She plans to get to the bottom of what happened to her brother.

During her initial days in the new city, she accidentally bumps into Soo Heon. Soo Heon’s motorcycle was stolen after the accident, and he learns it is sold by someone else online. He rushes to the place, impersonating a buyer. However, by the time he reaches it, the thieves already sell it to Chan-mi. He accuses her of stealing it. But she has paid for price for it, which is why she refuses to give it to him. He then finds the thieves stealing it again from her and stops them from doing so. In the resulting cat-and-mouse chase between him and the thieves, Chan-mi saves him from dying by getting hit by a car.

They meet again when she bumps this motorcycle into his new one. She falls over a dustbin and damages the clothes she is wearing. He lends her his overcoat, and she goes to school wearing it. Coincidently, she happens to be in his class, and people notice that she has his coat. When the teacher asks Soo Heon why he is not wearing his complete uniform, Chan-mi gives it back to him in front of the whole class. Their classmates see them as lovers and make another girl from their course jealous. Over the period, she gets introduced to this new school’s sports department and enters as their shooting player.

Meanwhile, a rich student named Seok Jae Beom enters the same school, and the staff welcomes him with a little more warmth. He enters into Soo Heon’s year even while he is older. Everyone gets curious about him and why he is there. On the other hand, she goes to lunch with a girl – Da Yeon, who is supposed to help her with her early days at this new school. During their conversation, she tries to get more about Won Seok from her. Da Yeon mentions Hong Ajung, who was his girlfriend. She recalls him showing a photo to her when they met and remembers her only as a girl he liked.

She somehow manages to get Hong Ajung’s contact number from this girl and gives her a call when she goes outside the building. However, she sees it being picked by Soo Heon. He calls her back, and she understands that he has her phone. But she gets curious about the reason. So, she follows him and ends up in a hospital. After ignoring many calls from the doctor, he finally comes to meet him. The doctor tells him a brain tumor diagnosis, because of which he would have only about six months to live. Chan-mi listens to it secretly but does not reveal that she knows this secret of his the next time they cross paths.

One day, she walks towards the room where her brother committed suicide and enters it. Within a few moments, Soo Heon walks inside, and they are surprised each other there. She tells him that she came out of curiosity, whereas he tells her that it takes him to the introspective zone about life and death. He then says that he was the one who called the police when Won Seok committed suicide.

Afterward, during lunch, she sees a girl drop her plate after getting terrified and visiting Sa Jung Kyung and his friends. Da Yeon tells Chan-mi about him having sexually assaulted that young girl named Min Seon Ha, who did not get justice in the school. Da Yeon is also shocked to see him set foot into the school and walk as freely as he is. He later enters Chan-mi’s classroom and keeps staring at her. She does not say anything in the beginning. But the moment he mentions Won Seok, who he would have liked to thrash if he was not dead, she gets enraged and says that he should not speak ill of the deceased. Jae Beom stops him from verbally assaulting her, and while he is about to threaten Jae Beom, O Sung walks in and threatens to take disciplinary action if he does not comply with a specific agreement.

Later, Jae Beom is introduced to the shooting team, where Chan-mi is assigned to be his tutor. She grills him badly, wanting him to work harder because he is rich. She wants him to understand the efforts one needs without wealth. However, his friend – O Sung, who always tags along with him, tells her about him being in a coma for years, losing his memories from the past, and returning to school after years. She feels terrible for grilling him. Meanwhile, Soo Heon learns that surgery is impossible for him in the stage of his tumor. He also knows that he will occasionally behave erratically due to the same.

During a school lecture, Soo Heon feels nauseous and runs to the washroom. Since he does not return for a while, Chan-mi asks for the teacher’s permission and goes there. She calls his name from outside, but no one responds. So, she walks right in, even if it is a boy’s washroom. She finds blood coming out of a cabin and keeps shouting his name. He comes next to her, and they realize someone else is there. They look over to see a girl (Min Seon Ha) in a pool of blood.

He notices a cut on her wrist and ties his shirt around it to stop bleeding. Meanwhile, she calls the ambulance. Since they both were the ones who called, the police officers (from before) questioned them separately after some time. They reveal the details, but he is unsure why she was there – in a boy’s washroom. She mentions going there out of worry for him since he did not return in time. The female police officer, who questions her, understands that Chan-mi has transferred to this new school to find her brother’s murderers. She tells her that it would be a problem since his death was ruled to be a suicide.

Chan-mi is determined in her resolve but also requests the officer not to reveal her identity as Won Seok’s sister, which would jeopardize her mission. Later, she gets a text from a number saying that Hong Ajung shares a place and time to meet in person. When she reaches this shopping center, a white-haired girl from class 4 (So Yeon) walks up to her in disguise.

She introduces herself as Hong Ajung, but Chan-mi realizes it is not her for having seen her photo before. So Yeon takes off her black wig and asks Chan-mi how she knew Hong Ajung. Chan-mi does not reveal any specific detail. But while So Yeon is walking back, she tells her to tell Hong Ajung to meet her if she feels terrible about Won Seok’s death. So Yeon advises her to speak with Im Somi instead.

Revenge of Others (Season 1) Episode 2 Ending Explained

What shocking truth does Chan-mi learn about her brother?

Chan-mi manages to get Hong Ajung to meet her in person, who shares a shocking truth about Chan-mi that changes her perception of looking at him. She says that she felt glad that Won Seok was dead. She felt rather happy after his death. In the past, he had made her prove that she was pregnant to ascertain that guy she mentioned as the child’s father is seen to be innocent. He forced her to take a pregnancy test in front of him, after which he abused her into confessing in a live recording that she lied about the child’s father.

This event traumatized her and made her switch to another school. Chan-mi gets stunned listening to it. She also learns that her brother often used others’ secrets to manipulate them into doing such things. Meanwhile, So Yeon goes to meet Min Seon Ha in the same disguise as before. She speaks with her father – Mr. Min, and shares her desire to kill the culprits. She also mentions having been a victim of bullying herself.

Later, when she meets Soo Heon, she proposes a plan to scare Sa Jung Kyung into leaving the school. Soo Heon finds this plan outrageous, but she mentions that he can make extra money the way he wants (for his and his mother’s treatment). Probably, Mr. Min proposed some money for this task. She recalls the confidence she felt when he helped her out with her bullies, who had physically assaulted her.

Does Soo Heon go ahead with So Yeon’s plan?

While he is reluctant to do so, Soo Heon goes to school in a dark, hooded outfit to hide his identity. He goes to the photography room, where Sa Jung Kyung would be, and starts attacking him. He then ties him to a chair and makes him agree to leave school. He also gives him a task before going, which would shame him in front of all the students. While crying, Sa Jung Kyung agrees to do everything the masked man asks.

Before leaving, Soo Heon sees a photo of Min Seon Ha lying around in the room in a troubled state. He starts thrashing the bully yet again and asks for an explanation. Sa Jung Kyung reveals it was supposed to be used to threaten her to leave school. He keeps kicking Sa Jung Kyung repeatedly, which also goes along with the doctor’s diagnosis of his probable erratic behavior. When he jumps out of the schoolyard and takes off his mask, Chan-mi shows up next to him on her motorcycle. The cliffhanger ending only shares her presence at that place at that specific time. Only the next episode will reveal her connection with what went down inside the school.

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