School Spirits (Season 1), Episode 4: Recap & Ending, Explained – Who did Mr. Anderson call regarding the money?

School Spirits Season 1 Episode 4 Recap Ending Explained

School Spirits (Season 1) Episode 4: In the latest episode of Paramount+ School Spirits, we are given new insights into Mr. Anderson’s connection to the money he had concealed in his closet. Additionally, the show explores the intense argument he had with an unknown person over the phone, which somehow got Maddie involved.

Although the episode aims to captivate its audience with its storyline involving money, greed, and power, it ultimately falls short and becomes a bit of a slog. The 4th episode, Friday Night Frights, attempts to delve into the complexities of human nature when money is involved but unfortunately fails to deliver a truly engaging narrative.

School Spirits (Season 1), Episode 4 Recap:

In Episode 4, the focus is on uncovering the truth and processing it. Maddie attempts to crack Mr. Anderson’s phone passcode, and she pressures Simon to take action in order to discover who he spoke to about the money the previous night. From the previous episode, we learned that Mr. Anderson has a connection to the money found in his classroom closet, and Maddie appears to be involved in his situation. Later on, Simon is shown stealing Mr. Anderson’s phone and storming out of the class.

Maddie becomes increasingly frustrated as she learns more about Mr. Anderson’s recent activities. She confides in her support group that she is determined to uncover the reasons behind Mr. Anderson’s discussion of the money and his mention of her name in relation to it. Maddie then seeks the help of the other ghosts, asking if anyone has ever witnessed or heard anything relevant to the situation. As the other ghosts are unable to provide any answers to her questions, Maddie continues to probe further. She inquires if any of the ghosts have noticed anything unusual that they may have overlooked before.

Meanwhile, Simon is attempting to crack the password on Mr. Anderson’s phone when he is interrupted by Nicole. She informs him that she needs to interview Claire for the upcoming pageant and shares her discovery of Maddie’s boot print on her search party with Xavier and Sandra the previous night. Simon is displeased to learn that Nicole and Xavier have been collaborating without his knowledge, and it seems like they are each working on separate things at the same time.

Nicole manages to bring Simon to his senses, reminding him that they have not been present for each other since the loss of their best friend. Simon realizes that he has been unfair to Nicole and tries to explain to her that he has been discussing matters with Maddie. Nicole is taken aback by this, as she had hoped that Maddie would eventually turn up. However, Simon informs her that Maddie has passed away and is not going to return. During their conversation, the grief counselor overhears their discussion.

Nicole decides to attend the horror con festival, which she believes that Maddie would have wanted to go to. However, Simon declines to accompany her, so she asks Xavier instead. During her interview with Claire, Nicole becomes upset when she realizes that Claire is leveraging Maddie’s disappearance to gain more votes for the homecoming queen title, despite the fact that they were once friends. Later, in the car, Xavier suggests that Claire has a habit of cutting people out of her life. This statement angers Nicole, who questions whether Xavier is withholding information from her and whether he has a closer connection to Claire than he did with Maddie.

Xavier admits to Nicole that he had cheated on Maddie with Claire. This revelation leaves Nicole feeling devastated and disappointed. She decides to search for Maddie at the horror con festival, but unfortunately, she is unable to find any leads. As a result, Nicole becomes visibly upset, prompting Xavier to join her and apologize for his actions.

Maddie continues in her search for answers, approaching different ghosts in the school to inquire if they have any knowledge of Mr. Anderson’s activities. Eventually, one of the ghosts leads her to Nina, who resides in the school theatre. However, Nina is hostile and gets mean to Maddie for bothering her with her self-centered motives. As Maddie leaves the theatre, she sees Dawn searching for valuable or interesting items. Dawn takes Maddie to a group of ghosts outside (the school band), marching in a circle, wearing coats with the school’s older logo that Maddie had found earlier in the theatre.

Meanwhile, Rhonda and Wally discover that Maddie has the ability to communicate with the living. This news frustrates them as they realize that Charley had known about it all along. On the other hand, after Simon is turned in to the police for stealing Mr. Anderson’s phone, Maddie feels guilty and upset for getting her friend involved in her investigation.

Charley notices Maddie’s distress and empathizes with her, sharing his own story of being outed by his former partner to his parents. As Charley continues to talk about his relationship with Emilio and his struggles with acceptance, Maddie becomes intrigued by the school uniform that the ghost band is wearing. She questions Rhonda and Wally about the different school mascots on the uniform, and they reveal that the school changed it after the band’s tragic death, as nobody wanted to wear the uniform with the devil mascot.

School Spirits (Season 1), Episode 4 Ending, Explained:

What does Maddie find about Mr. Anderson?

Maddie and her new friends visit Nina with a bouquet of flowers to express their gratitude for keeping everyone safe in the school. Nina is surprised by Maddie’s kind gesture, and when Maddie asks about Mr. Anderson, Nina shows them a trapdoor that the teacher frequently uses, which irritates Nina while she works. The group follows Nina through the trapdoor to a secret room, where they find a receipt for the costumes of the school band. Maddie also figures out how to unlock Mr. Anderson’s phone since Dawn knows everyone’s passcode. This enables Simon to collect evidence against Mr. Anderson, which he takes to the principal during a faculty meeting at the school.

It is discovered that Mr. Anderson had embezzled all of the school funds that were meant to be used for new uniforms. He had replaced the old mascot with the new one, thinking he could deceive everyone. While this revelation did not necessarily prove if Mr. Anderson had harmed Maddie in any way, it exposed his true motives and would be considered during the police investigation. Simon was able to collect enough evidence to present to the principal, who was in the midst of a faculty meeting at the time.

As the news of Mr. Anderson’s misconduct spreads, students begin to receive notifications on their phones. Claire, who was out for a night with her friends, checks her phone and sees a missed call from Mr. Anderson’s phone. Simon and Maddie had used his phone to try and find out who he was talking to the previous night. Claire becomes visibly upset and fearful upon seeing the missed call. It is later revealed that Claire and Mr. Anderson were involved in something together, which will be further explored in the upcoming episode.

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