Silo (Season 1), Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: In Episode 4 of Silo, the storyline delves into the efforts of Juliette (Jules) as she embarks on a mission to establish a bond with Deputy Marnes. At the same time, we see the deputy consumed in overwhelming grief following the untimely demise of Silo’s beloved mayor, Ruth. United by their shared sorrow, Jules and Marnes form an unlikely alliance, determined to untangle the mysteries surrounding Ruth’s and George’s deaths.

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Silo (Season 1), Episode 4 Recap:


Episode 4 opens with Jules walking towards the top as we see a flashback where young Jules, along with her parents, is trying to revive her little brother, Jacob. He has some acute condition requiring a constant oxygen supply to survive. At present, one of the officers asks Jules to come to the Mayor’s office, where she has been summoned by the founders for some urgent business. Before we see Jules heading to the office, we briefly see her outside the medical area. It seems that she wanted to speak with her father before heading up, but the delay tells us that she is unsure if meeting her father would do her any good.

At Ruth’s office, we see her dead body lying by the restroom while Deputy Marnes, Bernard, and Sims argue about the next step that they should take. Since we already know that Marnes was fond of Ruth, he is furious about her sudden passing and is determined to understand who would kill Ruth – someone everyone unanimously loved. He believes that someone poisoned Marnes’s water and that the rat poison mixed in his bottle was meant for him, not Ruth.

As Jules stands there watching them argue, Marnes gets emotional, so Sims promises him that he will have a list of all possible criminal prospects in the 50-floor-long walk that they took. Just then, Bernard notices Jules standing in the room, listening to them argue. While Marnes is still mad about what happened, Bernard introduces himself to Jules and tells her that he summoned her due to the situation’s urgency. Since he is supposed to be the temporary Mayor of the Silo due to Ruth’s untimely death, he will be the one who will be swearing Jules for the position of Sheriff.

The episode’s narrative keeps going back to the past to make Jules’ character arc feel more relevant. We see a young Jules who is grief-stricken by the death of her young brother. Since there is an absence of her mother, we can assume she abandoned her and her father after his brother died. Her father is very distant and cannot help her process the loss she witnessed. He blatantly tells her to get rid of her mother’s and brother’s things, and Jules merely obliges.

In the present time, Jules reaches the Sheriff’s office, where Holston’s assistant brings her in. She is not very welcoming towards Jules, possibly because she was a little too attached to Holston, and for her, someone from down below replacing him is not ideal. She sneers at her, passing off her words as textbook classism behavior. On the other hand, Jules doesn’t get defensive or vulnerable, and since she is a pretty headstrong woman, she immediately calls her out.

Jules, who still hasn’t been sworn in as the new sheriff, is quite eager to get to the bottom of Goerge’s death and asks the assistant about Holston’s files. The assistant is not helpful, and she starts looking around on her own and heads to Holding 3 – the place that is a pathway to the outside world. She later reaches Holston’s boarding, now assigned to her, and looks at the note that brings us back to her memories.

We then see a young Jules trying to do things independently because her incompetent father is not there to help her with her grief. This is the first instance where we see Jules using the idea of “fixing things” to channel through her trauma. The memories also show us how Jules and her father started to drift away from one another.

Back at the apartment, Bernard visits Jules to swear her in as the new sheriff swiftly. This is where Jules stealing stuff from the IT department comes up again, but she casually points out how “taking it” was necessary and didn’t consider it was stealing. He then hand her the sheriff’s uniform and swore her in.

The next day, at her new office, Jules is busy looking for Goerge’s file when the assistant comes in and asks her to sign off one of the burial documents. She also tells Jules that Judicial doesn’t have any files on Goerge, but Holston kept a file for anyone appointed as the sheriff. She stumbles on a note that reads, “Double the floor in front of the mirror.” But before she could figure out the puzzling message, the intercom buzzes, and she has to run and do her job. An intoxicated Marnes is seen punching a man, trying to find answers to Ruth’s death. Jules comes in and stops him.

The two of them sit in the cafeteria, where Jules tells Marnes why she decided to take up the job despite having zero interest in it. She tells him about the deal she had with Holston right before he decided to go outside. Since both of them have someone to mourn, they decide to help one another find the truth about George and Ruth’s death.

However, they hit their first roadblock pretty soon. They head to Patrick Kennedy’s house to find some answer from his wife, but her being dead for a year leads to Patrick hitting Marnes in the face. We are then taken to a flashback of how young Jules decided to leave her father and head down below to Martha’s workshop. She introduces herself as a ‘fixer’, and even though Martha is apprehensive of taking her in, she assigns her to the scavenger’s group, which basically works on fixing all the stuff that is dropped down from recycling in order to make it unusable again.

Back in the present, we see Jules trying to locate the hard drive and the pieces of paper with Allison’s handwritten notes. When the in charge of the recycle section says that she did not find anything that Jules is looking for from Holston’s belongings, she leaves by asking her to inform her directly if she finds anything.

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Harriet Walter in Silo, Season 1, Episode 4 (Now streaming on Apple TV+).

Another flashback shows us Jules’ father, Pete, visiting Martha’s workshop. We get to know that Jules had forged the letter from her father in order to escape a life where she was constantly thinking about her mother and brother. Even though Martha is against taking in someone into Mechanical just because they are trying to run away from their life, on Pete’s approval, she agrees to have Jules there and assigns her to shadow Knox.

On the other hand, Sims makes a visit at Marnes’ place and tells him that he has prepared all the necessary documents required to appoint the next Sheriff, as Billings is ready to take on the job responsibilities. So long as Marnes signs the documents prepared by Judge Meadows, they can overthrow Juliette as the Sheriff. However, Marnes disagrees and says that he would like to go with Holston’s choice adding that Jules wouldn’t hold the job for long anyway.

Meanwhile, on her way to a solitary stairway, Jules has a small interaction with a man named Lucas in the cafeteria. This is where we get to know that Jules’ name comes from a play that was written by a rebel. We also see a dejected Marnes roaming around the Silo completely sloshed, thinking about his time with Ruth. We briefly see him frustrated at the rules that have been set by the Silo authorities and the possibility that he might want to end his life. Just then, his comm intersects a brief interaction between Jules and Martha where Jules confirms to have found an ally up above – hinting towards her plan with Marnes. This interaction makes Marnes change his mind feeling he is still needed somewhere.

Silo (Season 1), Episode 4 Ending, Explained:

What does Jules find in Holston’s Apartment?

After their interaction about Jules being needed in mechanical for some reason, Martha looks at the relic Jules left for her. She is able to kick-start the relic. On the other hand, when Marnes returns to his place, someone attacks him, eventually leading to a face reveal as the strangers point Marnes’ shotgun at him.

When Jules returns to her apartment, she turns on the air ventilator. However, the same sound that bothered Bernard earlier catches Jules’ attention this time, and she unlatches the air vent to find a string attached to something causing the noise. She slowly pulls the string towards her and finds a package with a “citizen record” written on it. The ending of Silo, episode 4, shows us that Holston has hidden George Wilkins’ file away from the Judicial – maybe because he must have stumbled on some groundbreaking truth about his passing and the authority’s involvement in all of it.

Why is the Judicial trying to bury George Wilkins’s case? Who is the stranger in Marnes’ apartment? What does the relic hold in it? We might get to know about these in the next episode.

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