Silo (Season 1), Episode 6: Recap & Ending, Explained – Who are the people watching Jules?

Silo (Season 1), Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: Apple TV+ sci-fi drama series Silo takes a sharp turn as Juliette digs deeper into her investigation, discovering the shocking truth about a person who was once very dear to her life. 

Haunted by the weight of truth, Juliette’s world begins to crumble as she grapples with conflicting emotions. The lines between loyalty and betrayal blur, leaving her torn between her personal connection and the evidence before her eyes. The latest episode of Silo explores the darkest corners of human nature and the unforeseen consequences of unchecked power.

Silo (Season 1), Episode 6 Recap:

“The Relic”

The episode opens with Jules reminiscing about her intimate moments with George while she and the deputy are at Douglas Trumbull (the guy responsible for Marnes’ death and the one who Simms killed in the previous episode). When the locksmith cannot get into the apartment, Jules breaks in only to realize that Judicial has cut off the power of the apartment despite their own rules about it. While looking into the flat for clues, Deputy Billings stumbles over a relic that seems out of place. When we pan into the relic, we realize that it is the same one that Jules had found in the underground and was given to her by George. Did she plant it in the flat to open George’s file again? I think so!

The Watch

In another one of the flashbacks, we see George and Jules discussing how relics are illegal and George should not partake in finding and keeping them. George explains that these relics were tools at some point in time and were possibly useful commodities that people used. He thinks that not questioning their existence or even knowing why they are illegal is where all the unknown questions of the Silo reside. Jules, who feels that George should not indulge in learning about them, is apprehensive about him keeping things that don’t mean anything. George counterargues her statement by saying that if these things don’t mean anything, why are they banned? He then gifts her a watch for safekeeping – the same watch that we have seen Jules wearing on multiple occasions.

Back at the office, Jules searches for the relic she has found to no avail. Just then, Billings arrives with a message from recycling that says nothing has been found concerning Jules’ plea. When Billings sees that Jules still has the relic found at Trumbull’s place in her possession, he is concerned because all relics should be handed over to the Judicial within 12 hours of being found. Jules tries to reason with him but eventually agrees to go to the Judicial and get Judge Meadow’s permission to investigate it further.

At the Judicial, we see that Judge Meadows isn’t feeling particularly well (hints of foul play that involve Simms are there). Jules requests approval, but we can see that Sims is handling everything, and he approves of the investigation, mainly because it is forgiveness day and people will be more vulnerable to questions. Jules and Billings leave the Judicial, and despite Jules trying to go on her own, a concerned Billings requests to tag along now that the Judicial is looking very closely at every step Jules takes.

Jules and Billings then head to Patrick Kennedy’s place because Jules knows he dealt with relics somehow and can point to the person responsible for their next clue. Kennedy is not eager to indulge her in anything related to relics because he feels that being in that place and dealing with it was a reason for his family getting destroyed. However, despite his apprehension, he must tell them about the person who could help them.

Another flashback shows us George’s curiosity about relics – which were an essential part of history and how everything came to be in its present form. It is where Jules shows him the watch that he had gifted her. Jules can fix the watch, and it is now in running condition. The two of them bond over the fact that being a dreamer, even in a place like Silo, where there is no place for dreams, makes them feel truly alive.

Rebecca Ferguson and Chinaza Uche in "Silo, Season 1 Episode 6" now streaming on Apple TV+.
Rebecca Ferguson and Chinaza Uche in “Silo, Season 1 Episode 6” now streaming on Apple TV+.

Who is Regina Jackson?

At the Judicial, we see Simms looking into the relic that Jules brought in. He discovers that it was identified by George Wilkins and is noted as an illegal relic in judicial records. Meanwhile, Jules and Billings reach an apartment that Kennedy had told them about. They meet Regina Jackson, who instantly recognizes Jules’ watch as belonging to her “boyfriend.” She tells them that George was in a relationship with her for a long time, but he was involved only because he wanted something from her. She tells them that she comes from a well-off family, and George used her money and connections to buy relics and left for mechanical, claiming to understand the “more important questions.”

Regina is spiteful about her relationship with George, and realizing that he moved on from her to Jules, makes her resentful. When Jules and Billings are done with their questions and about to leave, she purposely asks if Jules believed George when he said he loved her.

At the Sheriff’s office, Simms and Bernard ask everyone to leave for a private discussion with Jules and Billings. After clearing the room, Simms blames Jules for aiding and abetting evidence, especially when a relic is questioned. He proposes that Jules was responsible for the relic getting into Trumbull’s place. However, just as things start to heat up, Bernard suggests that Trumbull must’ve been a part of the team that cleared Marnes’ apartment and could’ve taken the relic, thinking it was nothing.

While Simms says that Jules must’ve planted it, she says that she couldn’t have since Billings was the one who found it. In all of this, we see Bernard is surprisingly calm about everything and is trying his best to support Jules’ side of the story. Does he have any ulterior motives? Possibly! It’s hard to say right now.

After they leave, an agitated Billings questions Jules for trying to put him under the bus with the Judicial. He tells her that he has a family and children, and something like this, which is entirely against the rules, would ruin his reputation and might even lead him to be sent out for cleaning. He tells her she needs to come clean to at least him for things to work seamlessly.

However, instead of making things right with Billings, Jules confronts him about something he has also been hiding. Earlier, we saw her noticing Billing’s shaky hands, which made her realize that he is secretly suffering from the syndrome. She almost intimidates him with the information leading him to leave upset.

A brief sequence of Lucas (Jules’ cafeteria friend) and Billing’s family makes us aware of the isolation people often feel while in the Silo.

Next, we see a distressed Jules making a transmission to Martha. Jules tells her that she has decided to submit her badge, resign, and return home. It is when Martha questions her decision and tries to figure out why she wishes to leave when her goal is still unachieved. Jules tells Martha that she has realized that George is not the person she thought he was, making her question her decision to take up the Sheriff’s job and solve his murder. Martha reiterates that she went up there to understand the reason for the death of someone she loved, and a mere change in her perspective shouldn’t make her run away from the truth but instead pursue it.

Silo (Season 1), Episode 6 Ending, Explained:

What does Regina tell Jules about George?

Upon Martha’s convincing argument, Jules heads back to Regina Jackson’s apartment again, prodding her to tell the truth this time. We can see that Regina is scared of someone, so she switches on the table fan, allowing her to speak more discreetly. She then tells her that George used her to get to the relics and wasn’t particularly interested in her. Regina’s association with George led to the complete dismemberment of her family, leaving her alone. She also refers to her as a shadowy figure who would appear out of nowhere and threaten her existence and that of her close ones. She refers to this figure as “he,” but before she can disclose who she refers to, she quickly hands over one of George’s most important possessions to Jules. It also comes up that Judicial was after George and what led to his death was the hard drive.

Who are the people watching Jules?

Jules takes the possession back to her apartment and opens it. The package contains a magazine with pictures of the world beyond the Silo. It has images of a National forest, people river rafting, a photo of the Beluga whale, and a world that Silo people are entirely unaware of. The magazine was passed down to George by her mother and truly felt like a pre-rebellion belonging.

While Jules is looking through the magazine, we see the camera pan out to a screen that is monitored by two officials who are surprised at Jules finding the magazine. The two discuss if they should inform “him,” and the episode ends on this note.

Who are these people monitoring the Silo? It feels like a Truman Show-esque situation where the people of the Silo are monitored and controlled by a set of rules governed by “him.” Bernard, who has been increasingly shady in the last two episodes, may be behind this, but it is hard to tell at this point.

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