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Steven Mcqueen - Hunger

Every Steve McQueen Film Ranked

Steve McQueen made the Oscar-winning film ’12 Years a Slave,’ but did not win one for directing it. He is, however, the first Black filmmaker to win Best Picture. ‘Small Axe,’ an…

Elvis (1979) Review: The King Lives On!

After the remarkable success of Halloween, John Carpenter returned to the small screen to try his hand at a new genre, this time a biopic. Bringing the life of the King of…

Vengeance is mine - highonfilms.com

Vengeance Is Mine [1979]: An Ominous Remainder of the Darkest Corners of Human Mind

The vision of chaotic evil and violent nihilism in “Vengeance is Mine” discomfits a viewer like no other film in the cinematic history. Iwao Enokizu isn’t condemned nor his murderous activities elevated to a myth, and even the society that created him isn’t bluntly blamed. What we gaze at is a pure, dark, subversive force that offers no meaning.