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12 Monkeys Explained

12 Monkeys (1995) Movie Ending, Explained & Themes Analyzed

12 Monkeys (1995) Explained: “The movie never changes. It can’t change. But every time you see it, it seems different because you’re different,” muses the central character, James Cole – a disoriented…

Jacob’s Ladder 1990 Explained

Jacob’s Ladder Movie Explained: Ending & Themes Analysed

Jacob’s Ladder Movie Ending Explained & Themes Analyzed: According to the Bible (Book of Genesis, 28:10-19), “Jacob’s Ladder” refers to a meeting place between Earth and Heaven. Dreamt of by the patriarch…

Spielberg 2017 Documentary

Spielberg (2017): A Modest Storyteller vs The Spectacle

Spielberg (2017): Modest Storyteller vs The Spectacle: Let us begin by talking about Duel (1971); I feel Duel is a great metaphor for Steven Spielberg’s stature as a filmmaker. He is a…