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The 25 Best Hindi Films of the decade 2010 - Lootera

The 25 Finest Hindi Films Of The Decade (2010s)

The 25 Finest Hindi Films Of The Decade (the 2010s): Since parallel Hindi cinema succumbed to the influx of money and muscle and deterioration of a director’s creative control in filmmaking during…


Hugo [2011] Review: As Endearing As It Is Frustrating

All the initial expectations & excitement set up by its impressive opening track shot is unfortunately lost in this long & lingering movie about movies advertised as a family-friendly adventure to its…

The Tunnel

The Tunnel [2011] Review: Undone By Its Weak Ending

A competently crafted found-footage horror narrated in faux-documentary style, The Tunnel utilizes its narrow spaces, dark alleys & underground setting effectively and manages to be legitimately tense, thrilling & terrifying at times…