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Blair Witch

Blair Witch [2016]: Skip It or Suffer

Blair Witch [2016]: A downright bland sequel that, despite treading the same path, lacks all the ingredients that made its predecessor work. The Blair Witch Project was a watershed event for its…

Hush [2016] Netflix Review: The deaf mouse Vs The wounded cat!

Hush is not the kind of film that makes a whole lot of sense. Take the antagonist’s motivations to kill Maggie for instance; its darkly funny to think about it from the audiences perspective. Was he just having fun? Why would he choose to kill random people in the middle of nowhere. He isn’t shown to be psychologically inept, even though he feels and acts so. But director Mike Flanagan, very cleverly keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats by throwing in constants ambiguity all through. Though the don’t form a very strong point, the scribbling on the crossbow does concern you. There are times in the film when you cheer for the girl, Mike ensure to slowly build up Maggie as a badass and he does it so convincingly that you will be scared to death when you see a deaf and mute girl who hs not yet written an ending to her own story; specially when she has 7 of them to choose from!