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Hutatma ZEE5 Series Review: Minds behind the blood and rage

Loosely based on Meena Deshpande’s novel by the same name, Hutatma clearly succeeds in taut storytelling with a clear idea of what it wants to say. The narrative is so engrossing that you never get bored with the characters.

Newton [2017] – The Story Of a Forgotten Community

Newton [2017] – The Story Of a Forgotten Community “We are like toys – someone presses our “ON” button or turns a key in our backsides, and we Santhals start beating rhythms…

The Silence-Netflix

The Silence [2017] Netflix: A Realistic Drama

The Silence : An unexaggerated Women Centric Drama driven by Powerful Performances It is quite ironical that the film ” The Silence” echoes the plight of many women in India louder than…