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The 15 Best Women-Directed Films of 2016

Like each year the league of women directed films has gradually increased. In spite of being a male dominated industry, there have been some really well crafted, beautifully realized women directed films this year. There’s not a single genre left that needs to be touched anymore. Here are 15 films directed by women that range from the heart of realism to the seabeds of surrealism.

The Love Witch [2016] : An Enchanting Feminist Bomb!

The Love Witch is a technicolor trip through the alleys of the campy horror films of a bygone era. The film possesses the power to conjure you into its silky skin, seduce you into its embrace and then leave you for dead as you fall into its aura of sexiness. Watching The Love Witch is like obsessing over your hidden stash of goodies. One that your parents caught you with and the ones that you fatally argue of not being the owner off, yet secretly adore.