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Drive (2011)

Drive (2011) Review: A Fully Realised Arthouse Action

An impeccably rendered & thoroughly absorbing character study that relies more on images than words to convey its themes & emotions, Drive (2011) is smart, subversive & soulful in ways that most…

Taxi [2015]: An Awe-Inspiring Iranian Minimalist Cinema

Taxi isn’t just a proclamation of Panahi’s boldness and defiance; it is also a nicely coiled allegory and a biting satire on the limitations imposed on him as well as on many fellow Iranians. While “This is Not a Film” (2011) was diffused with an atmosphere of despair and “Closed Curtain” (2013) laced with righteous anger, “Taxi” is enlivened with bursts of optimism and sarcasm (Panahi even smiles a lot in the film).