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I Was at Home, But [2019] – ‘Berlin’ Review

Auteur Angela Schanelec has re-written the grammar of film-making and created a cinematic language of her own over the course of eight feature films she has done. And her latest perplexing and…

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Every Terrence Malick Film Ranked

Malick has been making movies on fairly regular basis since then and over the past two decades he has been established himself as this visionary weaving magic on the 70mm. His movies have always been different and unlike anything else in terms of style, storytelling, and their overall nature. Malick has received both critical acclaim and flakes for his distinctive movie-making style. While some hail him as an auteur, some call him a fraud in the disguise of a movie director.

I personally have been a fan of this man and on his 73rd birthday, I thought it would be nice to do a ranking of his works (from the least favorite to most), as a sort of tribute.