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30 Best Comic Book Movies of All-Time

Comics, for decades, have been an integral mainstay of popular literature. Though often undermined and unappreciated by many, superheroes and many others have touched the lives of millions through the pages of…

Taika Waititi 4 Jojo Rabbit

Every Taika Waititi Movie Ranked

“Comedy has always been a way of connecting audiences and delivering more profound messages by disarming them and opening them up to receive those messages.” These words, spoken by Taika Waititi, are…

Thor: Ragnarok [2017]: Enthroning The God of Thunder With His Best Film in MCU

The best part of this latest Marvel feature is the inclusion of Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant” song with the thundering entry of Thor. Like “Guardians of the Galaxy”, this film is another fun-packed action venture, which is richer in terms of delivering an exciting cosmic experience with this third winning streak. “Thor: Ragnarok” is a beautiful satire and certainly it is the best one in this mythical trilogy. It is the brisk celebration of Thor franchise’s ascendancy.