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10 Best Jack Nicholson Movie Performances

10 Best Jack Nicholson Movie Performances: Few actors can both exemplify the artistry of acting and glamour of celebrity superstardom as Jack Nicholson. Having started his career in various Roger Corman films…

The Blackout [1997]: The cost of fantasy revealed in this ‘90s masterpiece

The ending of The 400 Blows shows Antoine facing the utter hopelessness of his upcoming situation, represented by the vast unattainable terrains of the ocean, followed by a zoom-in on Antoine‘s face as he looks into the camera and freeze frame (presumably right before he shrugs). The Blackout takes this premise further – our main man Matty starts off in the film standing before the ocean like Antoine, but this time at night and this time he’s a full grown man. Matty doesn’t look into the camera, but out towards the dark view of the ocean.