films to watch while self isolating

10 Films to Watch While Self Isolating

Enjoy these relaxing films as you keep yourselves cooped up and away from human contact. Don’t take them for granted, they just may be the last movies you ever watch.

The Music Lovers - Snap 2

Ken Russell Kraziness: The Music Lovers [1971]

Like Tchaikovsky, the subject of his fourth theatrical film The Music Lovers, Russell demonstrated a similar sense of emotional intensity and rigorous ferocity, unfazed by what critics or tradition dictated.

Young Ahmed Luce

Boys in Trouble: Young Ahmed and Luce

Luce is more satisfying because it relishes in being an enigma, offering up the sort of questions and ambiguities that riddles people’s lives — Young Ahmed does the opposite and linearly leads to a solid conclusion of a clean arc.

Ken Russell Kraziness: Lisztomania [1975]

This biopic begins as a free-form account of the prominent points of Liszt’s career and sexed-up relationships, then transforms into an utter pop-culture phantasmagoria that mix-and-matches Frankenstein, vampires, superheroes, and of course ultimately portrays Wagner as an electric guitar wielding Hitler.

Australian New Wave

Australian New Wave – Films of the ’80s

In its resurgence in the ‘70s, Australian cinema was admirable in how much it was able to suddenly emulate the quality of the films being released in the USA and Britain. But just like in these countries, this quality declined in the ‘80s, though still offered an exciting time for cinema and how it could reflect our cultures of this specific era.