2018 Best of Yesteryear list

Best of Yesteryear: Top 10 Films of 2018

With most good critics prematurely releasing their 2019 Best of the Year lists (before the year has even come to a close and they clearly haven’t seen all the films they wished to yet), now seems like a grand time for my 2018 Best of Yesteryear list.

Get On The Bus 1996

A Spike Lee Joint: Get on the Bus [1996]

Get on the Bus is entertaining as it plays, full of banter and camaraderie, but for a film so inwardly focused on this real-life monumental event, it doesn’t have much of a resonating message to leave with. It feels like a lighter affair from Lee.

Worst Reviews on Joker

A guide to the worst reviews on Joker

In this particular era of film criticism and journalism, it wasn’t hugely surprising to see some reviews and opinion pieces about Joker that were hot flaming piles of wet garbage. So I took a look at the absolutely stinkiest ones, so you don’t have to.