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Steven Mcqueen - Hunger

Every Steve McQueen Film Ranked

Steve McQueen made the Oscar-winning film ’12 Years a Slave,’ but did not win one for directing it. He is, however, the first Black filmmaker to win Best Picture. ‘Small Axe,’ an…

Antichrist [2009]: An Unnerving Portrait of Grief, Pain & Despair

The first entry in Lars von Trier’s Depression Trilogy “Antichrist” is an increasingly disturbing but consistently gripping experimental horror that’s unnerving, unsettling & unforgiving in its depiction of grief, pain & despair but…

Shame [2011] – A Chilling Implosion of a Desensitized Individual

The characters in Steve McQueen’s “Shame” (99 minutes) with their little showcase of emotions are constrained inside differently shaped glass structures like fish in the aquariums. It is more about a man’s self-destruction in a controlled and compulsive environment than being a mere psychobabble on sex addiction.