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The Seven Shades of Love

Love has 7 shades defined in ancient Arabic literature. The seven shades being Attraction, Infatuation, Love, Reverence, Worship, Obsession, and Death. It has been beautifully captured in one the best Indian films, Dil Se. Here are seven films,each representing seven different shades. None of the films below fall into cheesy or lovey-dovey romantic category.

The Forbidden Room [2015]: Cave of Forgotten Films

Guy Maddin is the Janus of cinema, the two-faced God of thresholds, of beginning and transitions, of doorways, and most essentially of lost cinema. His one face is towards the dusk of silent cinema and other towards the dawn of digital cinema. He gazes into past and at the same time leaps into future. In his latest quest, the Knight (Guy Maddin), along with his squire (Evan Johnson), enters the forbidden territory of past to rescue the films of bygone era, films that were burnt into flames, films that were dumped into ocean, or the films that never existed. The fragments of lost films are then collected and encased in an unending spiral of nested stories. Such heavenly keeping is the work of Janus. Alas, for some, it is ugly and frightening.

10 Great Films “High on Films” Recommends: 2nd Edition

Last month we began our recommendation feature “The HOF-men Recommend” in which we recommend 10 good to great films from across the globe. You can check out our first recommendation board here. This is the 2nd edition of “The HOF-men Recommend” Series. Guy Maddin is the guy who makes films of 20th century in 21st century. The grainy and grimy vignettes of his movies evoke the feel of primordial experimental cinema. His unique visual style has rightfully earned him title of “The Canadian David Lynch”.