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Man of Steel (2013) Review: Credit Where Credit Is Due

I had been meaning to give Man of Steel another chance for a long time now. While far from the perfect re-imagination of Superman mythology and despite suffering from a myriad of…

Sophia Turner as Jean Grey in Dark Phoenix

Dark Phoenix [2019] Review – The Phoenix flies to nowhere

Even with the abysmal character-sketch and barely an arc to boost to even compete with Hugh Jackman’s cameo in X-Men: Apocalypse, Jessica Chastain, playing a shapeshifter-alien with white-blonde braid and inconspicuous eyebrow,…

Widows [2018]: ‘MAMI’ Review – Suffers from Incoherent Narrative

Steve McQueen is the second film-maker this year whose inadequacy to handle the larger narrative canvas of a conventional Hollywood genre is conspicuous, first being Damien Chazelle. The crucial supporting characters feel under-written…

Blade Runner 2049 [2017] : A Devastating Quest of New Generation Replicant

Roger Deakins’ cinematography is his visionary achievement. It is not only the best thing about the film, but also it is the best thing one can find in the films of sci-fi genre. As a sequel, the film sprucely took place between its explored and unexplored entelechy of Replicants. Despite of having long run time and slow screenplay, “Blade Runner 2049” remains a triumphant sci-fi film with its brilliant visuals and irrefutable cinematography.