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Broker (2022): Movie Ending, Explained & Theme Analyzed

Broker (2022): Movie Ending, Explained & Themes Analyzed

Broker (2022): Korean films have recently received critical and commercial acclaim for their flawless execution of human dramas. Even Hirokazu Koreeda, a modern master of tackling human drama on screen, has found…

Under the Skin starring Scarlett Johansson Underrated Movies of 2014

75 Best Movies of The 2010s Decade

The 75 Best Movies of the 2010s Decade The decade of the 2010s was a wild cinematic ride, taking me on a coming-of-age journey unlike any other. It all began with a…

Like Father, Like Son (2013)

Every Hirokazu Koreeda Movie Ranked

One of the brightest lights in contemporary Japanese cinema, the works of Hirokazu Koreeda have been catching the attention, and indeed acclaim, of festival-goers and film critics ever since his debut movie…