How to Watch Broker?: With “Parasite” and “Okja” garnering applause worldwide, interest in Korean Cinema has been on a constant rise. Making frequent rounds in the headlines is 2022 Cannes Festival’s Ecumenical Jury Award winner “Broker”. Directed by renowned Japanese director Hirokazu Kore-Eda, this film is about two brokers who start a sort of illegal business of stealing babies from church’s baby boxes and then using black market adoption to sell them to rich parents who need babies.

The film follows Ha Sang Hyeon, a laundry owner who starts this illegal adoption business with his friend Dong Soo who works at the church. They steal babies and delete the evidence of the baby ever being dropped at the church. Using black market adoption for desperate and wealthy families, they sell babies. But the business takes a different turn when one day the brokers are visited by a young mother So Young. She had abandoned her child at the church and now wanted to make sure the new parents are loving to her baby. Somehow she finds the brokers and they go on a road trip to find the baby’s new parents. Also, there are two detectives, Lee and Soo JIn tracking and following them throughout the journey.

Broker Cast:

The film is led by renowned Korean actor Song Kang Ho who plays Ha Sang Hyeon. This role gave him the Best Actor award at Cannes Festival 2022. You may remember his familiar face from Oscar Award winner “Parasite” or “Peninsula” which was the sequel to one of the best Zombie films ever, “Train to Busan.”

Dong Soo is played by Gang Dong Won, who also featured in “Peninsula” and “Secret Reunion” with Son Kang Ho. Another star on the cast list is one of the most loved Korean celebrities IU AKA Lee Ji Eun, who plays So Young, the young mother. Along with a very successful music career, she also boasts some of the most loved acting projects, such as “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo,” “Persona,” and “My Mister,” among others.

Also, starring is Bae Doona as Detective Soo Jin, previously seen in “Strangers” and Netflix’s international series “Sense 8”. Detective Lee is played by Lee Joo Young, known for her role as a transgender in “Itaewon Class.”

Where to Watch and Stream ‘Broker’ Online?

After a truly grand premiere at The Cannes Festival 2022 on the 26th of May, 2022, the film was released in theatres in South Korea on June 8, 2022. After a successful run there, the film was released in various film festivals and many countries. Before its premiere, Neon acquired its US distribution rights and finally released it in theatres across the country on Dec 26th, 2022. You can check the tickets for theatres near you on Fandango.

As of now, Neon has not made any official announcement for its online release, but since the distributor has signed with Hulu, it’s likely that the movie will eventually land there after its 45-day run in theatres.

Watch the Trailer Here:

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