Tag: Iranian Films

Fireworks Wednesday [2006] : Doubt & Remorse

Set against the Persia New Year that features people bursting firecrackers as a part of the Zoroastrian tradition, Asghar Farhadi’s Fireworks Wednesday is about the fireworks that happen inside the flat of a domestically disturbed family of three. Carefully orchestrated with nuanced character moments, the film observes the explosive relationship between a wife and a husband that is embedded with doubt and remorse and doesn’t seem to have a rightful end to it. While not as emotionally complex and downright devastating as the director’s Oscar-winning ‘A Separation’, Fireworks Wednesday is still a brilliantly written domestic drama the shows both the insides and outsides of a marriage on the verge of complete destruction.

Taxi [2015]: An Awe-Inspiring Iranian Minimalist Cinema

Taxi isn’t just a proclamation of Panahi’s boldness and defiance; it is also a nicely coiled allegory and a biting satire on the limitations imposed on him as well as on many fellow Iranians. While “This is Not a Film” (2011) was diffused with an atmosphere of despair and “Closed Curtain” (2013) laced with righteous anger, “Taxi” is enlivened with bursts of optimism and sarcasm (Panahi even smiles a lot in the film).