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Liam Neeson in Marlowe (2022)

Marlowe (2022) Movie Ending Explained

Marlowe: Plot Summary & Ending Explained: Some movie characters become emblematic of the genre itself. Philip Marlowe, the detective created by Raymond Chandler, had become the unofficial face of the noir genre…

How to watch Liam Neeson's Neo-noir thriller Marlowe?

How to Watch Liam Neeson’s Neo-noir Thriller Marlowe?

How to watch Marlowe?: Liam Neeson and thriller looks like a match made in heaven on paper, which automatically makes his latest “Marlowe” a very anticipated release of 2023. The character of Philip…

10 Best Netflix Films & Shows in September 2019

After an eventful August with the release of new seasons of its original series such as GLOW, Mindhunter, 13 Reasons Why, Sacred Games and a huge lineup added to its gigantic library…

Broken Flowers [2005] : The Missing Petals.

In Jarmusach’s own words the music in his films do not force you into feeling a certain kind of emotion. His choice of music provides a certain layer to the story that probably feels like it’s coming from nowhere and going somewhere which won’t satisfy you. The Greenhornes’s There Is An End, which apparently finds a place in the film’s soundtrack very accurately portrays Don Jonston and his quest for what he is really missing in his life. Packed with one of the best performance of the decade by Bill Murray, watching Broken Flowers is like walking down a familiar road while being unable to understand which turn takes you home.

Horace and Pete: The comedy in the tragedy

Horace & Pete is about the cumulative illusion of trying to follow up on previously set rules. About the disputes and regrets that have been hidden under the rug for far too long. The distinctive eye for superfluous writing only brings us to a grim and devastating conclusion – There are places which you don’t wish to go, but there’s no other place that gives you any idea of belonging. It’s like the most heady hangover you have ever had.