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How Does NOPE Measure Up To Jordan Peele’s Previous Two Films?

How Does Jordan Peele’s NOPE Measure Up To His Previous Two Films?: In the past five years, horror movies have gained more traction amongst general audiences and cinephiles. Dani’s Midsommar flower dress…

Nope 2022

Nope (2022) Movie: Review & Ending Explained

Nope (2022) Review: Jordan Peele’s Genre Throwback is an Intense, Ambitious Love Letter to the Movies Even if Nope (2022) is more highly-budgeted, and incidentally more ambitious and harder to decipher, than…

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They Live [1988]: A Biting Satire On Modern Society

They Live [1988]: A Biting Satire On Modern Society A biting satire on modern society that actually makes more sense today than it did at its time of release, John Carpenter’s They…