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All Asghar Farhadi Movies Ranked

All Asghar Farhadi Movies Ranked from Worst to Best

Iranian cinema seems to enthuse itself. Even after decades of “New Wave” Iranian films first touching the Western shores, they refuse to wash their hands off their precise domesticity that made their…

Fireworks Wednesday [2006] : Doubt & Remorse

Set against the Persia New Year that features people bursting firecrackers as a part of the Zoroastrian tradition, Asghar Farhadi’s Fireworks Wednesday is about the fireworks that happen inside the flat of a domestically disturbed family of three. Carefully orchestrated with nuanced character moments, the film observes the explosive relationship between a wife and a husband that is embedded with doubt and remorse and doesn’t seem to have a rightful end to it. While not as emotionally complex and downright devastating as the director’s Oscar-winning ‘A Separation’, Fireworks Wednesday is still a brilliantly written domestic drama the shows both the insides and outsides of a marriage on the verge of complete destruction.