Tag: Maxim Gaudette

Incendies [2010] : The Horrors Of Revelations.

Within all the earth shattering revelations and horror, there’s a sense of hope in Incendies. This very core of hope makes it a more memorable and essential viewing experience. It tells you to add up all the anger and rage that slowly kills you from within along with the bonds that are a necessity. The final answer, though overtly personal and devastating, still feels relevant. Making Incendies an absorbing and emotional film that deserves accolades of the highest order.

Polytechnique [2009]: A Ponderous Glimpse into the Layers of Misogyny

“Polytechnique” is a hard film to watch because Villeneuve (and co-writer Jacques Davidts), not only makes us to sit through an atmosphere, drenched with dread and grief, but also employs his profound artistry to coerce the viewer to patiently contemplate on the unspoken things in the narrative. Often the director infuses moments of dislocation, devoid of sound, to offer subtle commentary.