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The 10 Most Weird Films Of 2016

From featuring dead bodies that not only fart but fall in love to mothers giving birth to children without sexually conceiving them, 2016 had weirdness all abound on most of the divisive films of the year. While weird is mostly associated with bad, here are 10 films that play with the essence of weirdness in order to tell tales in their own fascinating way.

The 15 Best Women-Directed Films of 2016

Like each year the league of women directed films has gradually increased. In spite of being a male dominated industry, there have been some really well crafted, beautifully realized women directed films this year. There’s not a single genre left that needs to be touched anymore. Here are 15 films directed by women that range from the heart of realism to the seabeds of surrealism.

Crimson Peak [2015]: The ‘Peak’ that turned out to be a Low Point

Goths, the East German people, were said to be the ones who played a vital role in the fall of West Roman Empire (around 3 or 4th century AD). In Scandinavia, a tribe named ‘Gutes’ formed a community, whose inhabitants are still living in today’s Sweden, in an island called Gotland. The word Goth, in those times was related with something barbaric or warmongering. Later, in the 12th century, the word ‘Goth’ reemerged in the form of a medieval architecture