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Liam Neeson in Marlowe (2022)

Marlowe (2022) Movie Ending Explained

Marlowe: Plot Summary & Ending Explained: Some movie characters become emblematic of the genre itself. Philip Marlowe, the detective created by Raymond Chandler, had become the unofficial face of the noir genre…

How to watch Liam Neeson's Neo-noir thriller Marlowe?

How to Watch Liam Neeson’s Neo-noir Thriller Marlowe?

How to watch Marlowe?: Liam NeesonĀ and thriller looks like a match made in heaven on paper, which automatically makes his latest “Marlowe” a very anticipated release of 2023. The character of Philip…


Greta [2019] Review: B-Movie Thriller with A-List Celebs

Greta is too far-fetched for its own good. Packing a B-movie plot that it barely manages to keep afloat with the help of excellent performances from its leading ladies, this psychological thriller…