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The 10 Best Hindi Films Of 2016

2016 was not particularly a great year for Indian cinema. There weren’t many films that broke new grounds or even those which left a lasting impression. The only positive side of the year was the change in the portrayal of women. Up until last year, there weren’t many films that could be stated as an acute representation of women but 2016 gave way for more freedom of expression and the result was an array of films with strong female characters. While I had issues with Leena Yadav’s Parched, I particularly liked how the women in her film were not just characters but people who are living and breathing or at least trying to live and breathe. Here are 10 Hindi Films that were better than the 100 other films released this year.

Dangal [2016] : An Entertaining Sport Film

Dangal is a good sports film weighted down by its overdramatic tone. The performances are so intriguing by the entire cast that they cloud the flaws in it. The inspirational story is thin that has been decorated on a surface level with all the essential elements of a biopic drama.