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Newton [2017] – The Story Of a Forgotten Community

Newton [2017] – The Story Of a Forgotten Community “We are like toys – someone presses our “ON” button or turns a key in our backsides, and we Santhals start beating rhythms…

Moonlight [2016]: Even boys get the blues.

Moonlight is a subtle investigation of a character’s motivation to find love. It’s about the constant struggle to find oneself while trying to fit right into the body we are supposed to be in. It’s about not succumbing to being a product of the environment but rather being a product of yourself. It’s about going past all the heartbreaks, questions, and complexities that bring you down and finally being able to find the voice you need and the listener who listens.

Slightly Overrated Films: La La Land [2016]

Making a history at 74th Golden Globe Awards of winning in all the seven nominations, and then getting nominated for record-tying fourteen Oscars at 89th Academy Awards, praise for the film has been slightly exaggerated. La La Land is an orgy of Hollywood self-congratulations. HI-5 itself for fueling America’s dream.