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The Favourite [2018] Review: Lives Up To Its Name

If someone had told me that “The Favourite”, a period piece dramedy, would be among the most outlandish and yet entertaining films I watch all year, I wouldn’t have believed it. And…

Youth (2015): Age is Overrated

Melancholic symphony of life & death, ironically titled “Youth” is a unique lyrical amalgamation of philosophical exploration about life, memories, regrets, aging and redemption, but above all, Youth (2015) is a beguiling mood piece.

The Lobster [2015] Review: JIO MAMI Mumbai Film Festival Review

The film is a cross-breed between a tragic comedy and a satire which stick and floats, breeds and grows on you. Its the kind of film that gets better and better with each viewing. And in spite of all the strangeness its astonishing to see how grounded and similar it is to reality. While its basically about loneliness and relationships there are very minute accounts of humans who are so accustomed to following the crowd that they are bewildered when a state of choosing between