Tag: Revisionist Westerns

Dead Man [1995]: The Poetry Of The Sinners.

Jim Jarmusch’s Dead Man is a film of strange beauty. A film where Jarmusch lifts and circles the ‘western’ genre over its own head to construct a psychedelic uproar of gunslingers and poets, of spirits and redeemers and of Americans and Native-Americans. Dead Man deconstructs the very idea of conventional western with it’s deeply rooted metaphors and symbolism. It is a translucent work of existential trauma hidden under the rug of civilisational decay and a need for the perpetual redemption of a sinner’s soul.

My Darling Clementine [1946]: An Iconic Western Lore

Masculinity is so neat and smart in the old Hollywood movies, especially the ones set in the American frontier. While what we saw was a convincingly realistic version, it’s actually made by…