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Dragged Across Concrete Review [2019]- Taste the Pavement

Dragged Across Concrete, is a cop film with no reservations or hesitations in its aesthetic or its display of dubious morality. It has the on-the-streets rawness of a Sidney Lumet film, but as if directed with the measured slowness and spatial grandeur of Michelangelo Antonioni.

For Your Consideration: Bone Tomahawk [2015]

If you were a fan of The Hateful Eight and its spacious pacing filled with tough-as-nails dialogue between equally tough characters, as well as the audacious amount of gore it suddenly leads in to, then Bone Tomahawk is a high recommendation. It’s certainly one of the better written horror films in recent years (or perhaps ever), plus the superbly engaged acting from the four main leads make it all the more entertaining and thrilling (as well as the actors playing the rather terrifying troglodytes).