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Little Women

Little Women (2019) – Own Your Story

Little Women – Own your story: Greta’s capability of capturing time and love in every story she writes is mesmerizing. She distinguishes time line by using color palette of 1861 (past) with…

Greta Gerwig’s Little Women (2019) Triumphs Over the Problems of her First Film

Lady Bird, although not dead, felt zombified, identifying with the cynicism and pettiness of its main character to a point of making it unappealing – but Little Women has emerged as a far more endearing and far more speculative film that makes for a more inviting experience.

Mary Queen Of Scotts [2018] Review: Far from Royalty

I had high expectations going into Mary Queen of Scotts. Two of last years stand out performers coming together to tell an intriguing historical tale of cousins at odds. What could go…