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10 Best Animated Movies of 2021

10 Best Animated Movies of 2021: 2021 was surprisingly a year with abundant releases in the world of animation. And the diversity of the genres that were adorned with animated titles is…

MAMI Film Festival 2016

20 Must See Films at JIO MAMI Mumbai Film Festival, 2016

Fueled by every possible genre of cinematic independence, the Mumabi Film Festival is here again. A time of the year when every single cinema lover like us gets pissed-off at their respective bosses and bring their ass Mumbai for this grand event. A place where people not only see films but celebrate films. They wait in queues and gossip about their love for films. A place which is more home that you make it out to be. Like a yearly ritual, we wait for this week of cinematic boners and ever enlightening storms. And while every single one of us believes in watching as many films as possible, time binds us to a bear minimum.

When Marnie Was There - highonfilms.com

When Marnie Was There [2015]: The Ones who Love us never really Leave us.

In the end, “When Marnie Was There” comes as a little film with a big heart, which is about the troubles a lonely subdued child can face during adolescence and how she gets through it; but what it really about is Love and how strong Love can be.