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Bumblebee [2018] Review: When a Franchise Transforms

Yes, I am that person who has seen all the Transformers films in the theater, even the 5th one. While the combination of good-looking women and giant big scale action was suffice…

15 Must-See Coming Of Age Films Of 2016

Every year there are films that point out to the common themes of loneliness, alienation & human connection. There were also stories that anchor a protagonist(s) freeing away from the shackles of the society, leading their own way into solace. As I look back at the year that went by, I couldn’t help myself from pointing out these 15 films that have the recurring theme of coming-of-age slowly tucked under them.

Kubo and the Two Strings [2016]: Of Memories and Magic

The best part about ‘Kubo’ is despite being a story of very different, imaginary world and using magic, monsters and other-worldly things as a plot device, it manages to remain a very humane movie. A movie, to which you can actually relate and feel for. It takes you to a trip down memory lane, reminds you of how beautiful your life once was or how nice it could have been. It gently tells you to firmly hold onto those memories of your loved ones, whom you have lost. Because those memories are the biggest magical weapons you have and need to survive in this cruel world full of hatred, insanity, and evil powers.