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Coming of age films

The 15 Must-See Coming Of Age Films Of 2019

Growing up takes a lot out of a person. A child’s entire life is defined by the period where he actually ends up understanding how to deal with everything. The emotions, the…

Krisha [2016] : A Rotten Turkey

The turkey is all rotten from inside, the garden has trenches of dirt and even the door to the house is broken. The atmosphere builds savagery and reeks of pending doom, like…

Krisha [2016] : A Tale of Horror and Turkey

‘Krisha’ cleans ‘Turkey’ for dinner. For a plot of a film, how about an old lady in her twilight years shows up at her sister’s bungalow after a long haul on Thanksgiving…

Krisha [2016] : The devastating eternal chaos.

Krisha is indie film-making at it’s prime. A film that is implausibly one of the greatest films of the year. It’s wiser, smarter and more devastating than most of the horror films that have come our way. It has a lingering effect that’s not only hard to wash off but too messy to be cleaned thereafter.