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The 10 Best Hindi Films Of 2017

The 10 Best Hindi Films Of 2017 When it becomes a mammoth task to put 10 films into an end of year list, it’s quite evident that the quality of films has…

Trapped [2017]: A Nail-biting Survival Thriller

Trapped is a ticking time bomb from the moment it starts. The premise of the film is undoubtedly marvelous, the story of a man trapped in his apartment in the sixth most…

Trapped [2017]: A compelling survival tale

First thing first, there aren’t many logical flaws in Trapped. While the trailer was intriguing, it did receive lots of “phone hain uske pass, kisiko call kyun nahin kar rahe hain?” (why can’t…

7 Reasons Why You Should Watch Trapped [2017]

Returning to grass-root indie grounds, Vikramaditya Motwane’s Trapped is a pretty basic survival film. What makes it interesting is the survival that doesn’t go behind locked closets, coffins or even terrible forest terrains, but right in the heart of the city that never sleeps – Mumbai.

The 10 Best Hindi Films Of 2016

2016 was not particularly a great year for Indian cinema. There weren’t many films that broke new grounds or even those which left a lasting impression. The only positive side of the year was the change in the portrayal of women. Up until last year, there weren’t many films that could be stated as an acute representation of women but 2016 gave way for more freedom of expression and the result was an array of films with strong female characters. While I had issues with Leena Yadav’s Parched, I particularly liked how the women in her film were not just characters but people who are living and breathing or at least trying to live and breathe. Here are 10 Hindi Films that were better than the 100 other films released this year.