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Delhi-6 (2009)

Delhi-6 (2009): The Lanes Holding A Million Stories

Delhi-6 (2009): The Lanes Holding A Million Stories “Zarre zarre mein usi ka noor hai; Jhaak khud me, vo na tujhse door hai. Ishq hai usse, tu sabse ishq kar; Is ibadat…

Guru Dutt: A Purveyor of Romanticism

It would be years before Pyaasa would be resurrected from the annals of Hindi cinema, finally freed of its alleged mainstream character and exalted to the pedestal of a classic. Its creator’s unfortunate demise had already taken place by then, leaving behind an everlasting thirst for self-expression and an unwavering love for filmmaking. His command over the language of cinema has been consistently praised ever since and his deep understanding of human emotion is cathartic to the discerning viewer. Pyaasa remains etched in the memory of all those who have experienced its sheer beauty – not lush, ornate scenery but a fearless, humble poet wafting through urban shadows, transcending space and time.