Ted Lasso (Season 3) Episode 10: There are very few things that were not working for Ted Lasso in the current season – one of which was the Roy and Keeley post-breakup drama. So when they put a rug on that and eventually introduced the character of Jack, I was naturally happy. However, this episode pretty much implies that Roy and Keeley are going to get back after all. Still, to my surprise, I got to say they have actually fixed the issue, and it actually seems believable now.

The credit for that goes to the fantastic writing that has been benefiting the show a lot this season. I have been emphasizing a lot on the writing this season, and this episode is another prime example of how good writing can actually change the course of a show. Another episode that crosses the one-hour mark, but you still keep wishing for more, this one is the most wholesome and emotionally satisfying of this season yet and exactly the kind of midweek motivation you and I needed.

Ted Lasso (Season 3) Episode 10 Recap:

It is International break time, and thanks to the brilliant time they are having on the pitch, some of the Richmond players have made it to the national side for the first time. These fortunates are Jamie for England, Colin for Welsh, Bumbercatch for Switzerland, and last but not least- Van Dame for Canada against Dani Rojo for Mexico. Dani has already slipped into his national duty mode and showing fiery eyes to the Richmond goalie. There is one strange omission, though, the Nigerian Sam Obisanya, who is having another stellar season at the club but didn’t have a call-up from the National side.

Return of forgotten evil

I honestly forgot the Akufo character from season 2, despite the fact that an actor as charismatic as Sam Richardson is playing the part. So, in case you also need a refresher as the episode doesn’t offer any- this is the Ghanaian tantrum-throwing billionaire who wanted Sam to be a part of his all-African football club, an offer that Sam declined and made Akufo a potential enemy.

Akufo is now back with the ludicrous idea of a Super League akin to the European Super League thing that was floating around some two years ago. It is basically a football league where the big-ticket football club plays, and since Richmond is on a dream run, Akufo wants them. Rupert is one of the team owners who has joined the dark side (as if), and now he has come to invite Rebecca to join the big meeting (I will come to this later).

Meanwhile, Akufo visits Sam’s restaurant and makes it clear that it is he who has deliberately made sure that Sam doesn’t get into his national team by bribing the Nigerian Government with his money. Sam, however, still doesn’t get mad and handles Akufo with grace and dignity.

Red Orange Yellow

The specifically designed comedy bits of the show have always been hit-and-miss. In this episode, it works out mostly because of Brett Goldstein’s top-class physical comedy as Roy Kent. If there is one person who can get the Barbie out of Roy Kent, then it has to be Roy’s niece Phoebe. The little girl, of course, looks up to her uncle and loves him so much- which is evident from the fact that she has not only arranged an “Uncle Day” celebration for Roy but also invited Roy’s best friend- who else but Jamie Tart?

Roy gets his own jersey from when he first played for the national team from Jamie as his “Uncle Day” gift, but the real deal is Phoebe’s gift- a fiery red, orange, and yellow t-shirt, something that you wouldn’t expect Roy Kent to wear. But this is a new Roy, so he walks into the Richmond HQ wearing the t-shirt and turns everyone’s head. Beard, Trent, and Ted are obviously surprised but don’t utter a single word.

Keeley is (not) alright

I liked how the character of Keeley Jones has progressed this season, and for the past two weeks, she is not doing well. If the celebrity scandal and her subsequent breakup were not enough, now she effectively loses her PR firm as Jack’s company decides to take away the funding. That is not surprising considering everything, and all Jack does is say sorry over a text from Argentina.

Ted Lasso (Season 3) Episode 10: Recap & Ending Explained
Still from Ted Lasso (Season 3) Episode 10

What’s up with “Nate the Great”?

I was really surprised to find out that West Ham and Nate parted ways early on in the episode. When Rebecca asks Rupert about it out of curiosity, Rupert doesn’t give any definitive answer either. We do find out eventually that it was Nate who had submitted the resignation papers.

With Jade going to her home in Poland, Nate finds himself in his parental home, where he spends the entire day and night inside his room. Only after his parents leave for the farmer’s market Nate picks up his old violin and starts to play. Completely immersed in his violin playing, Nate eventually finds out his father is standing in the corner- quietly listening to him playing. What follows is a heart-to-heart between the father and son where Nate’s father finally says sorry for failing to be a good parent of a special child.

Ted Lasso (Season 3) Episode 10 Ending, Explained:

Why does Rebecca reject the Akufo league?

Before coming into that, I am going to address the Roy and Keeley thing. When Roy comes across Phoebe’s teacher while dropping her at school- the two of them have a conversation where the teacher seems kind of flirtatious and mentions something about cleaning “mess.” This is a very important scene as it finally makes Roy realize that it was he who was the “mess” after all. This takes us back to the end of season 2, where Roy and Keeley were struggling with their relationships. We didn’t see them breaking up; it was not surprising, given how things were.

Roy goes to Keeley with a note that says it was him who was at fault, and the breakup happened completely because of his own insecurities and whatever he was dealing with inside. While Roy plans to slip the note quietly, hoping Keeley wouldn’t be home- the two of them end up coming across each other after all.

Coming back to Rebecca, whom I give credit for putting sense into Roy; our boss lady matches into the Super League meeting brimming with confidence and courage. Akufo gives his presentation about the planned league, which basically shuns the mid-tier football clubs. But then Rebecca comes up with her response, and it is possibly the best Rebecca moment in the show yet. She straight up asks if this is a joke or not.

That is obviously rhetorical as she goes on and starts to talk about how the game of football is for everyone, and this superleague will take it away from a lot of people. She then talks about a young boy from the past who couldn’t get into Richmond as he didn’t have a ticket. Years later, he buys the club and not only keeps the same security personnel but also gives him a raise. And that young boy from the past happens to be none other than Rupert Mannion.

I really appreciate that instead of making Rupert a total villain, the show has managed to make the character real enough. He may be a lot worse, but there’s still good in him- which we soon realize further when Rupert, along with the other team owners, rejects the Akibo league. They do suffer the consequence of the billionaire throwing food at them, though.

We see Rupert and Rebecca laughing like regular human beings after a long time. Thinking he has a moment, Rupert leans into Rebecca in order to kiss her- but Rebecca refuses and walks away. She eventually goes to Kelly’s, and upon knowing what happens to Keeley’s PR firm, Rebecca decides to invest.

Upon seeing a partially clothed Roy coming downstairs, Rebecca realizes that Roy and Keeley are back together, and she gives him a silent nod of approval. In the final scene, we see her saying that she still wants to win against West Ham but no longer wants to take revenge against Rupert. This only proves Rebecca has come a long way, and she has finally moved on from her past. Life can only get better for her from here.

Little things:

  • Roy not only wears the ROY (the initial of the colors spells Roy) t-shirt, but he also wears a groovy blue in the end.
  • Will finds a note addressed to him from the Wonder Kid, saying sorry. Not only that, but he also finds a squeaky clean dressing room with everything all arranged.
  • Keeley buys Barbara a snow globe to help the latter with her own little tradition. But Barbara leaves Jack’s company and joins Keeley instead. I knew Barbara was one of the good ones, after all.
  • Trent has zero dialogue but still manages to leave an impact.
  • The Higgins comedy bits are still not working.

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