Teen Wolf: The Movie (2023) is everything your teenage self would have loved had it been released in the year 2015. It is cheesy, overdramatic, and has an exaggerated fantasy plot. However, none of these things affect the twisted and emotionally-charged storyline. Through the lens of director Russell Mulcahy, the world of werewolves and banshees is explored again along with the entire original cast except for the exceptionally talented Dylan O’Brien, who played the humorous Stiles Stilinski in the show.

Five years after the show’s end, the gang reunites again in The Beacon Hills. Allison Argent (Crystal Reed), who died at the end of the third season, is mysteriously resurrected in this movie. She finally gets her happy ending with the handsome hunk Scott McCall. You will need to know a lot about the series if you plan to watch the movie since both the movie and series are interwoven.

The film is fast-paced and will keep the audience engaged while teaching a thing or two about love and humanity. The characters are the same, and they are all a treat to watch. Their character arc is commendable, while the supernatural story is still how it was back then — Thrilling, adventurous, bloody, deeply rooted in human emotions, and the characters howling and showing their fangs.

Teen Wolf: The Movie (2023) Plot Summary & Movie Synopsis:

All the characters except for Stiles are back in The Beacon Hills after fifteen years. The true alpha, Scott McCall, played by Tyler Posey, is about to be reunited with his dead love. Allison’s father meets Scott and tells him about his weird dreams. He says there’s something wrong with Allison, and she probably hasn’t reached where she is supposed to be after death. He hints that her soul is restless in the state between life and death.

The two are determined to learn more about this and do whatever they can to help Allison. Another female protagonist, Lydia, the beautiful banshee, is back with her scribbling skills. Through her furious scribblings, they find the word “BARDO.” With the help of Amalia, they find this old tree where the ritual of bringing Allison back has to take place. The ludicrous ritual begins, and the audience sees a naked Allison has come back to life.

There is a mastermind behind all these messages and dreams. The hooded villain is in Japan. He meets another werewolf, Liam, and his Kitsune girlfriend, Hikari, who possess a jar that contains the banished Nogitsune. He steals the jar from them, and it’s clear that the spirit trapped in this jar will create chaos.

What happens to Allison?

The evil Nogitsune manipulates Allison and convinces her to go against Scott. She does it with ease because she practically has no memory of her life. She goes on a killing spree and kills everyone who has supernatural powers. Finally, Scott tracks her down and helps her in reviving her memory. He reminds her of their love life. Interestingly, he is successful in his attempts to make her believe that Scott is not the villain.

Teen Wolf The Movie Review Ending Explained (1)

Nogitsune is busy killing a kitsune to summon nine Oni. He has devised a master plan and controls the mind of those around Scott, including Derek, Eli, Hikari, and Liam. Nogitsune tricks everyone under his control into coming to the lacrosse game. Moreover, Scott thinks Nogitsune is going to kill everyone in the stadium.

When Nogitsune defeats the pack and corners them, Scott surrenders and instructs Allison to shoot a bow across his heart. Scott cunningly uses Hikari’s kitsune to protect himself. However, it backfires when it is revealed that this Nogitsune is also a werewolf. By the end of the movie, Scott and Allison have reconciled.

Who is Nogitsune?

Firstly, the movie relies heavily on Japanese mythology. A kitsune is a fox with shapeshifting abilities. Nogitsune is an evil fox with the same abilities as a kitsune. Furthermore, it can possess a person, live as someone else, and control their minds. These Nogitsunes love to cause pain in humans. In fact, they relish and thrive on their sufferings.

A Nogitsune’s sole purpose is to create chaos and pain. In Teen Wolf: The Movie, this Nogitsune is revealed to be their former chemistry teacher, Mr. Adrian Harris. He died in season 3. He was tied to a tree and strangulated. It was shown that he died because of a ritual, but his body was never found. This was Harris’ revenge because he blamed Scott and his pack for his death.

Teen Wolf: The Movie (2023) Ending, Explained:

The rest of the pack joins Scott in the field near the end of the film. In fact, it is established that it is not going to be a cakewalk to kill Nogitsune. Now, Jordan Parrish has to use hellfire to kill the monster. But two or more people need to hold Nogitsune’s attention for this to happen. Eli, who has now become a werewolf, now joins Scott’s pack.

Scott, Derek, and Eli battle it out with Nogitsune. Scott and Derek hold him so the Parrish can burn him alive using hellfire. This means both have to burn along with Nogitsune. Derek pushes Scott away and sacrifices his life for Scott’s life. Both Derek and Nogitsune are dead. They hold a memorial for Derek, and the rest of the characters go about their life.

Teen Wolf: The Movie (2023): Movie Review

Teen Wolf: The Movie will be a delightful treat for loyal fans of the series. But it will fail to impress others. The characters are strong, and each has a significant role to play. Alas, the movie is half-baked and doesn’t offer its sincere viewers a perfect ending. Did the audience really need a spin-off movie with cringe-worthy dialogues and a messy plot? Absolutely not.

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