The Afterparty (Season 2 Finale) Episode 10: Recap & Ending Explained – Who Killed Edgar Minnows?

The Afterparty (Season 2 Finale) Episode 10 Recap

The Afterparty (Season 2 Finale) Episode 10: Murder mysteries always carry the risk of ruining all the good work with the final reveal. The audience needing to be wowed with a twist they never saw coming is not an easy thing to pull off. Apple TV’s The Afterparty did it in the first season, which allowed the show to come back for another season and the latest season has been pretty much brilliant. So it was quite natural for us to anticipate what they would do in the finale. Now that we have seen it, the obvious question that comes in the equation is – Did it deliver? The answer would be both ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Let us dig into the madness, one final time.

The Afterparty (Season 2 Finale) Episode 10 Recap:

We get a double dose of campy horror and soapy melodrama for the finale, thanks to the tales shared by the mother-daughter duo of Zoé and Vivian. But The Afterparty atrociously breaks the pattern here, as they don’t share the same stories. Instead of that, the two separate tales come together to complete the puzzle that the show has been laying on.

Where Was Zoé During The Afterparty of Edgar and Grace?

That is the question which has been bugging Danner, and she finally pushes Aniq to ask this to his fiance. Time is running out for Grace as the Police Sheriff Howie is very much ready to put her on the guillotine because his good friend Isabel has claimed that the bride has killed the groom. But by now it can be safely said that anyone but Grace is the killer, so it is up to Aniq and Danner to do the job and find out the real killer.

Under the investigative microscope of her own fiance, Zoé finally reveals the secret that she has been carrying around the entire season. She was indeed not present during the after-party. But that has nothing to do with murdering Edgar. All she wanted to do was to put a note of apology in her sister’s room because the two of them had a fight before the wedding. However, when she entered the room she was attacked by the vicious dog of the Minnows household and threw the animal out of the window, assuming she had killed it.

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After knowing Grace’s secret Aniq and Danner figures out one key phrase Edgar uttered during his meltdown at the party – “Devil’s Dog”. In an extremely dark but  commical happening, the dog threw by Zoé landed on Isabel’s trampoline and naturally got bounced upwards and that was what Edgar Minnows saw during the party. However, the dog is not dead afterall, as Isabel says that it is impossible to kill the dog. In fact, she calls the dog and it appears right there, wiggling it’s puffy tail. This exonerates Zoé from the crime she thought she had committed but doesn’t solve the main mystery. Time has come for us to look into that, finally.

The Afterparty (Season 2 Finale) Episode 10 Ending Explained:

Who Killed Edgar Minnows?

It was inevitable that The Afterparty would trick us into believing a particular person did it, and then reveal it was someone else in the end. That someone else is none other than Sebastian, who has constantly featured in all of our “wild killer segment” over the past weeks. The conman best friend of Edgar had all the reasons to be the murderer and his own version of events couldn’t give him the clean chit. But despite all that, Sebastian didn’t kill Edgar and whatever he said was the truth after all.

But one person, while telling truth, plants a piece of lie in his story; and that happens to be none other than Funcle Ulysses. The lie was him suspecting Grace being his own daughter and confronting Vivian about it. When Vivian shares the conversation she had with Ulysses, in a head-turning soap opera style, she doesn’t mention anything about the paternity of Grace. All she says that Ulysses tried to pursue her to be with him and run away, now that her daughters were grown up and getting married. And that is how Danner and Aniq manage to find the anomaly in the two stories and after that, figuring out who did it was only a matter of time.

It is ironical if you think about the fact that it was Edgar who brought Ulysses in the mix after all, to surprise his bride. It wouldn’t be wrong to say the groom bought his doom to his doorstep, unfortunately. Ulysses has no intention of killing Edgar though as he had no beef with his niece’s husband. All he wanted was to eliminate his brother Feng so that he could have a chance with the love of his life. It was the glass of whiskey after all, which both Sebastian and Travis noticed and Ulysses previously told Danner and Aniq that he used to take the DNA sample of his niece who could very well be his daughter. He simply brewed some tea with Devil’s Trumpet in his infamous horn and laced the whiskey with it and handed it over to Feng. Unfortunately though, Feng didn’t take a sip from it as the only thing he was interested in at that moment was making his son-in-law taste the “Baobing”. Edgar did, and so did Roxana and they both hated it. To wash down the taste, they both drank the whiskey from the deadly glass which was meant for Feng only.

Ulysses refuses the accusation at first but after Vivian attempts to drink from the poisonous horn, the man confesses his crime of passion and is taken into custody. The rest goes exactly like how it should be. Aniq and Zoé propose to each other, Grace and Hannah get together, Isabel and Sebastian refuse to give Grace anything but she doesn’t give a shit, Travis goes back to his life of being Travis and thanks to Aniq, Danner drops her book and decides to try her luck in movies. But she picks the story of Xavier’s murder instead of Edgar, and manages to pull off a casting coup, consisting the likes of Keke Palmer, Elizah Wood, Jaleel White, Gemma Chan who all chip in with cameos and Daniel Radcliffe who makes an appearance on a poster. Maybe we will get to see a bit of him in the third season, you know how.

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