The Killing Vote (Season 1) Episode 6, opens with Mu-chan’s daring move to free ordinary people trapped in a hospital, setting the tone for the following action-packed events. A confrontation between Joo Hyun and a gas cylinder-wielding deliveryman quickly escalates, leading to Seok-joo’s heroic intervention. Meanwhile, Gaetal’s attempts to infiltrate Jung-ho’s office adds another layer of suspense to the unfolding drama. The episode delves deeper into the mystery surrounding Gaetal’s spy, with Mu-chan’s relentless pursuit of the truth leading to startling discoveries. Joo Hyun’s discovery of Lee Yun-seong’s file, now known as Min-soo, sheds light on a potential link to the ongoing conspiracy.

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The Killing Vote (Season 1), Episode 6 Recap:

The episode begins with Mu-chan crashing a car inside the hospital to let the ordinary people out. The deliveryman hits Joo Hyun with gas cylinders, and Seok-joo saves her life. He attacks the deliveryman and knocks him unconscious. Joo Hyun thanks Seok-joo for saving his life and handcuffs the deliveryman. Meanwhile, Gaetal’s spy is trying to attack Jung-ho. He tells him to open his office door as he is from the bomb squad. Jung-ho reconfirms if he is with the police, and he is assured. Jung-ho is about to open the door but gets a call from Mu-chan. Mu-chan asks Jung-ho not to open the door for anyone, including the police, and Jung-ho informs him about the man who claimed to be from the bomb squad. Gaetal’s spy releases gas into the office and tells Jung-ho that he has a chance to die fast, but he doesn’t, so he has to die this way. Mu-chan gets a call from the technical team that Seok-joo’s device is not trackable, and they cannot reach Joo Hyun. Joo-min meets Mu-chan and informs him that Jung-ho is holding Ji-hoon as a hostage. Mu-chan tries to put everyone in charge of things to get to Gaetal and find Seok-joo.

A team reaches the parking lot, and Joo Hyun tells them what had happened and they had arrested the delivery man. Seok-joo means them that a deliveryman used to deliver to his house, so he knew him well. But Joo Hyun was informed that a student was held hostage, and Jung-ho’s life was still in trouble. Joo Hyun rushes to Jung-ho’s office. Jung-ho comes up with an idea, holds Ji-hoon by the knife, and walks out to face Gaetal’s spy. Gaetal’s spy calls him brilliant and puts his gun down. Ji-hoon takes the opportunity and runs for it, and Gateal’s spy is about to stab Jung-ho. Mu-chan appears in the scene, and Gaetal’s spy holds Jung-ho hostage and asks Mu-chan to let him go. Jung-ho warns Mu-chan not to shoot as the room is filled with gas. Mu-chan tries to talk him through and tell him that it would be better if he were known as someone who fought for justice rather than kill Jung-ho. Seok-joo watches the interaction.

Gateal’s spy asks him if he believes Jung-ho should be alive after his crimes. Mu-chan is quiet, and Jung-ho tells Gaetal’s spy that he will give him a lot of money and should leave him be. Seok-joo kicks a cylinder towards a pipe, and water sprinkles in that commotion. Jung-ho is dead, and Mu-chan shoots and hurts Gaetal’s spy. Mu-chan is angry with Seok-joo as Jung-ho is dead because of him, and Seok-joo tells him that he is sure he doesn’t want to let Jung-ho live, so he takes care of it. Mu-chan is about to hit Seok-joo, but Joo Hyun stops and sends Seok-joo back. Mu-chan is interrogating the spy, but he has done something to wipe off all his fingerprints and is not answering any questions. He even asks about him being Seok-joo’s number one fan, but nothing makes him speak. Mu-chan recognizes the wounds he had inflicted on Seok-joo’s house. Mu-chan informs Jin-soo that he is sure this man is Lieutenant Lim’s fiancée. They decided to run some DNA tests to confirm the same.

Joo Hyun takes Seok-joo to his house to look around for clues, and she takes off his handcuffs and thanks him for saving his life. Meanwhile, Mu-cha is angry with his superiors as they want to close the case and tell the world that Gaetal was caught, but Mu-chan does not believe that’s true. The team, however, is still working on understanding Jin-wook’s whereabouts and finding footage of Min-soo. Mu-chan asks Joo Hyun to send Seok-joo back to prison without giving her any explanation. Jin-soo tells Mu-chan about Min-soo, and he is shocked. Mu-chan meets Seok-joo before he leaves and tells him that he will set a trap for Gaetal, and Seok-joo is annoyed as this is what he always does. Seok-joo demands to know the accomplice who killed his daughter, and Mu-chan does not answer. Seok-Joo tells him that he sincerely believes Mu-chan was Gaetal and confirms but Mu-chan denies the claim.

The Killing Vote Season 1 Episode 6
A still from The Killing Vote Season 1 Episode 6

Joo Hyun is listening to the whole conversation, but she can’t hear what Mu-chan tells Seok-Joo in the end as he whispers in Seok-joo’s ear. Joo Hyun drops Seok-joo off to prison the next day. Mu-chan brings Jin-wook’s father-in-law to talk to Jin-wook. They have a meltdown and have a hearty conversation. After that, Jin-wook decides to speak with Mu-chan. He tells Mu-chan he has an accomplice, and they only speak through the dark web. They had agreed that Jin-wook would handle the murders while the other person would handle the technical details. Joo Hyun also comes across Lee Yun-seong’s file, who is now known as Min-soo. She gets more information from her sister’s phone and sees a recording she had made the night of the second incident. Joo Hyun tries to hack Min-soo’s computer but fails when he blocks the hacking, and she is annoyed as she doesn’t have such promising technology. Jin-wook reveals more information that the accomplice was the number one fan, and he had once mentioned that Seok-joo probably hated him as he had done something to someone Seok-joo loved.

The Killing Vote (Season 1), Episode 6 Ending, Explained:

Who is Min-soo, and what is his connection to Gaetal?

Joo Hyun waits for Min-soo and wants to follow him, but her tire is flat. He, however, offers to drive her to the station, and they started talking. Mu-chan and Ji-soo discuss the idea of Min-soo being involved with Gaetal. Min-soo brings up the case of Seok-joo’s daughter, and Joo Hyun pretends she does not know. He intimidates her by asking if he thought that was the reason she wanted to meet him. She panics as she speeds up his car in a different direction. Luckily for her, Ji-soo calls Min-soo, asking him to accompany Ji-hoon to the police station as his guardian.

Joo Hyun takes this chance and tells Ji-soo that she is with him and he is giving her a ride to the station. Mu-chan and Ji-soo look worried, and Min-soo has no choice but to drop her at the station. Assemblywoman Ji-young asks Min-soo why he had started killing people, and he tells her casually that he couldn’t hide anything from her. The next day, as planned, Min-soo takes Ji-hoon to the police station for a statement, and Min-soo sees eye to eye with Seok-joo, who is also present. Joo Hyun and Mu-chan watch this starring game. Ji-young gets a present from Min-soo, a video of Gaetal asking her if she wants the killing vote.

The episode’s ending implies that Min-soo might be Gaetal, and all the evidence suggests the same. We still have a couple of episodes to go, and is it safe to assume Min-soo is Gaetal, or is there more to it? There is still a possibility that Mu-chan can be Gaetal, as Seok-joo strongly believes. Min-soo and Seok-joo have come face-to-face, and will Seok-joo get his revenge. Will Min-soo be taken out the Gaetal way as he is also a criminal? What is Ji-young’s game?

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