The Mandalorian (Season 3), Episode 4: Recap & Ending Explained – Does Bo-Katan have a special connection with the Mythosaur?

The Mandalorian (Season 3), Episode 4

The Mandalorian (Season 3), Episode 4: We believe in Bo-Katan supremacy. Two weeks ago, I showered a lot of praise on The Mandalorian for promoting Katee Sackhoff as a series regular for the current season; and this week’s episode only proves my point further. Although the show is led by the Internet’s favorite dad Pedro Pascal, Sackhoff has emerged as the real star, and we are not complaining at all.

Another highlight of the episode is Ahmed Best, the actor known for playing Jar Jar Binks, aka the most despicable character in the Star Wars universe, returning as a Jedi. The Mandalorian has always managed to surprise us, and this is a really nice one, I must say.

The Mandalorian (Season 3), Episode 4 Recap:

We are back with our Mandalorian convert, and it is a training day. Things are going in full swing as Bo-Katan roams around and observes her new tribe. Grogu being Grogu, is playing with crab-looking rocks and seems to have a delightful time. But unfortunately, playtime is over as his father wants him to join the training.

The Challenger

Now that his redemption quest is done and dusted, Din focuses on teaching his kid the “Mandalorian” ways of life. And training is a big part of that. So he takes Grogu in the first test. That surprises everybody, including Bo-Katan, who even ends up saying, “isn’t he too small for that” but Din knows what Grogu can do, and so do we.

The first challenge is dirt, and the opponent is Paz Vizsla’s kid, Ragnar. This is the same boy taking the creed in the first episode until the giant crocodile chaos happened. Ragnar is also doubtful about Grogu as he is a tiny little cute thing. And he does prove to be right when he hits Grogu twice, with Grogu doing nothing but adorable cooing. But the little thing has his Jedi card in his sleeves, thanks to which he jumps in the air, hits Ragnar thrice, and wins the challenge—well done, little one.

The Abduction

Just as the group is about to celebrate Grogu’s emphatic win, a raptor (which is basically a dragon) emerges from nowhere and takes Ragnar away. Din, Paz, and Bo-Katan immediately follow her in a breathtakingly choreographed air-chase sequence. However, both Din and Paz give up due to running out of fuel in their suits. However, Bo-Katan manages to locate the raptor’s lair, thanks to her superior mountain climbing skill, because of growing up in Kalevala.

Once they return, the Armourer quickly conjures up a rescue team led by Bo-Katan and Paz, Din, and several other Mandalorians. The rescue team is given enough fuel and a ship to complete the mission.

The Past

While the rescue team is out on their mission, The Armourer takes Grogu inside and shows him the forge where she makes every single piece of armor from scratch. As The Armourer keeps hammering the forge to make Grogu an armor, the little one transpires back into the past.

On the planet of Coruscant, a heroic Jedi appears to protect Grogu from a galore of Storm troopers. He takes Grogu on a space bike, assuring him everything is going to be alright, and takes a flight with the stormtroopers following him. The duo lands as the Jedi’s name is revealed by other Jedi, it is Kelleran Beq. And we are actually witnessing the turbulent times of Order 66 (which is basically an order by the empire to execute all the Jedi’s), indicating little Grogu has gone through literal hell. But Beq takes him into a ship and immediately jumps into lightspeed, and they fly thousands of miles far away; while the other Jedis keep fighting the stormtroopers.

As The Armourer finishes forging the armor, a round chest protector with the signature sigil, Grogu comes back to the “now.” We hope the show will explore his past furthermore.

The Mandalorian (Season 3), Episode 4 Ending Explained:

Does the Rescue team succeed?

Following Bo-Katan’s instructions, the rescue team lands the ship under the mountains and sets camp for the night. Bo-Katan, their defacto leader, gets the honor of staying by the fire and eating.

The next morning, the Mandalorians start to climb the mountain. It is a very steep, difficult climb that turns out to be pretty grueling for even the likes of Din and Paz. However, Bo-Katan climbs up to the top without much hustling. On top of the mountain, they find the Raptor’s lair, just like Bo-Katan said. But there is no sign of Ragnor.

Despite Bo-Katan’s warning to be careful, Paz jumps into the lair in search of his son. But instead of Ragnar, three Raptor foundlings startle him. The mother soon emerges from behind with Ragnar in her mouth. Seeing Ragnar in such a condition, Bo-Katan quickly takes flight; this time, she catches up to the Raptor. Bo-Katan courageously fights the Raptor and saves Ragnar, while the fallen Raptor gets eaten by another giant crocodile waiting in the water underneath. Upon returning, the rescue team also brings back the three Raptor foundlings as well.

Does Bo-Katan have a special connection with the Mythosaur?

The Armourer, now genuinely impressed with Bo-Katan after her heroics, decides to fix Bo-Katan’s suit, which got damaged during the rescue mission. She offers Bo-Katan her signature night owl sigil, to which Bo-Katan naturally agrees, but then she asks The Armourer if she can wear the Mythosaur on the other hand. The Armourer agrees, of course, as the Mythosaur is a sigil for every Mandalorian.

Bo-Katan then asks The Armourer if she has ever seen one until revealing that she has actually seen one, deep down in the living waters under the mines of Mandalore. But The Armourer refuses to believe in the existence of Mythosaur and rules it out as a “vision” that Bo-Katan was lucky enough to see.

We are halfway into the season, and I am guessing the Mythosaur and the lore around it is going to be a major arc in the second half of the season. And Bo-Katan is most definitely at the center of it. Given where the last episode ended, I am also predicting a Moff Gideon return, which is not good news for Grogu. But with “The Children of the Watch” around and all united, I believe our heroes will also find their ways.

This is the way.

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