The Power (Season 1), Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: The three-episode premiere of ‘The Power’ gave a peek into the lives of its central characters. It showed how teenage girls across the world gained the Power to electrocute through their palms. These girls started using it whenever they felt the necessity to act upon something. The narrative explored how a sense of powerlessness connected the lives of its distinct characters.

The latest episode on Prime Video focuses on three characters and how the Power comes into play when this special ability starts challenging the status quo all over the world.

Spoilers ahead.

The Power (Season 1), Episode 4 Recap

Episode 4: The Day of The Girls

Earlier, we learned how the Power is triggered through a new organ that became a part of the female anatomy. Margot (Toni Collette) realizes that teenage girls feel the necessity of the ability to fight against their oppressors. She made an announcement about it when male leaders across the globe refused to care about it or consider it a pressing issue. Because she spoke about it, others started taking the matter seriously. We notice its result in the new episode.


Allie (Halle Bush) and other girls in the convent learn about this new organ through a news broadcast. It explains the science behind this spark / EOD (Electric Organ Discharge) that can come from any part of the body. They learn about the safety precautions they need to follow so that they won’t cause unexpected harm to others.

Allie is still figuring out how to deal with her newfound freedom and Power. While she goes to feed a chicken as her convent chore, she decides to use her power on this bird. While the voice guides her, she kills the chicken with her Power. However, Sister Veronica (Emily Kuroda) notices it from a distance and considers it a misuse of these powers. Unlike her, Sister Maria (Daniela Vega) does not consider it the ‘Devil’s work.’ She considers it as yet another battle that humankind needs to fight. Even if Sister Veronica wants to evict Allie, Sister Maria stands up for her.

Later on, Allie notices her convent friends with a dead pigeon. Allie sees it as an opportunity to gain stature among them. So, she uses her Power and saves the poor bird. Due to this incident, she becomes a leader of thought for those girls. She makes it clear that she sees this Power as a way to challenge and overthrow the status quo.

Later at night, when it starts raining, one of the girls – Luanne, suddenly falls down due to some adverse effect. Everyone starts panicking since they are not sure how to handle the situation. Allie decides to step in and use her power. Sister Veronica opposes her from doing so. Still, Allie goes against her word and saves Luanne’s life. Later, Sister Veronica tells her that she needs to leave the convent. Yet, Allie decides to act against her word and says she won’t leave.


In London, Roxy (Ria Zmitrowicz) is still looking for her mother’s murderers. Earlier, she illustrates to Bernie (Eddie Marsan) how she can use her Power. It intimidates Bernie to the length that he brings one of her mother’s killers and kills him. He believes it would put an end to Roxy’s insistence on justice. Since Roxy recalls that there were two killers, it hurts her that Bernie is okay with half-hearted justice.

Later, she goes to a club to forget about her pain. She meets her step-brothers Ricky, Terry, and Darrell and gets wasted. But the memories of her mother’s murder keep coming back to her. She believes that Bernie cares more about her stepmother than her mother. Roxy argues about it with her brothers and eventually learns the man who was behind the murder – Tony Goujan. She gets his address and decides to go attack him. The brothers join her for her safety and drive up to Tony’s place.

Roxy goes up to his door to confront him. But he stays arrogant despite knowing she is Bernie’s daughter. He also intimidates her thinking she won’t stand a chance to fight against him. However, she recalls seeing him at their house and cannot control her anger. Soon after, she uses her Power, electrocutes Tony’s face, and throws him away. However, it results in an ugly gunfight between Tony’s family and the Monkes. While Roxy soon manages to drive them away, Terry loses his life.


Earlier, we saw Tunde Ojo (Toheeb Jimoh) getting a job offer from CNN. He accepts it since it allows him to put his video journalism skills to practice. Besides, he also considers a true potential in the narrative of women with Power. For his first assignment, he travels to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and begins his journey. However, his excitement for this opportunity seems detached from what was happening on the streets.

Women everywhere were fighting the battle for a peaceful existence. A young girl experiments with this Power on the street and gets attacked by an angsty male teen who refuses to let her use it. Two girls notice this terrifying scene unfold from their window. The fear-mongering is not just created by these civilians but also by the authorities. Among other incidents, Amal’s death creates a stir. It starts a movement for the justice of women. They gather in large groups and start marching through the streets. When the police start shooting them, they surround these men and electrocute them.

Tunde follows their movement and realizes the ground reality by being a part of it. One of the rioters – Nourah (Amina Ben Ismaïl), notices Tunde and becomes his companion in the further journey. The marchers rescue a woman from her spouse, who kept her locked inside due to her Power. They rejoice in how this ability empowers them to stand against oppression. Later on, the army stops them. An old woman notices her son being one of the soldiers. She convinces him to join their fight instead, saying how, ‘Heaven lies beneath the feet of your mother.’

Soon after, Tunde notices a shocking side of the unrest. A woman decides to shoot a soldier who is already fairly wounded. Tunde goes on to stop her but instead gets attacked by all the women. Luckily, Nourah arrives at the right time to save him. She says that he must act as a spectator documenting reality and not participate in it.

Tunde then calls his senior, Vin, from CNN about the footage. But Vin says that Tunde must get out of the country at the earliest. Nourah offers help to get him to the airport. But when Tunde goes back to his hotel room to get his luggage, he finds everything scattered and destroyed. Nourah says that it is because they saw him being the only journalist covering the story. Since he may be on the no-fly list, she offers him an apartment to stay in for the night.

The Power (Season 1), Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained

While Tunde uploads all his footage, he offers help to get her out of the country. Nourah calls out his prejudice based on the idea he created while staying there just for a day. Furthermore, she states that she loves her country and wants to stay there. She wants to improve the situation instead of leaving. So, he learns his lesson and apologizes for his judgemental approach.

The next morning, Nourah’s American friend drives him out of the country. He contemplates the reactionary nature of the unrest and wishes that the protests would be focused on equality in the near future. Despite all that he witnessed during those hours, he hopes for a better tomorrow.

Through Allie’s story, we see how the organ did not give her the ability just to electrocute but to stand up for herself fearlessly. On the other hand, Roxy’s story brings another conclusion. She goes against her father’s wishes to seek justice. Still, despite seeking revenge, she ends up feeling miserable because of her step-brother’s death.

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