Things Movies Get Wrong About Casinos

The casinos always look sleek, glossy, and like places you always want to visit, whenever you watch James Bond movies or some entertaining TV shows on casinos. However, these movies create myths for people to believe, and sometimes they are scared to even walk by casinos.

Although you must know if it isn’t glamorous enough, these movies won’t be as entertaining as they think they will be.

So, as an audience, it is important to differentiate what’s real and what is just some kind of imagination the filmmakers try to represent. Otherwise, it will be tough for you to start a casino career in some top online casinos Australia, Right?

Mafias control the casinos

One of the biggest misconceptions you will see in movies is mobs regulate the casino industry. There were some casinos under the regulation of mafias in the past. But that is not the scenario in new-aged casinos. Today, you will find local laws regulate both land-based and online platforms. And there are even government authorities who control the whole process. In addition, gamblers need to pay taxes for their winning.

The rules are simple

You might have seen people can learn the whole blackjack game in just one day in movies or TV shows. Is that even possible? No, absolutely not. In short, all the gaming styles appear so simple in movies. But in reality, you need to understand the rules. Also, mastering the skills is a bit time-consuming and demands lots of practice in a particular casino game.

In movies, people always go for high bets and win millions. But once you get familiar with the real-life casino game, learn things like house edge and RTP—you will learn to follow the rules and play skillfully without getting banned.

You can earn millions

It is common in movies to show things like you can earn millions of dollars using the Martingale system or applying card counting tactics. But in reality, the whole thing is totally different. Obviously, these techniques are good to apply when you bet for smaller amounts to boost your bankroll a little. But that’s it.

Moreover, sometimes these methods also lead you to higher bets and may end up risking your money. So the best way is to acquire the skill and play smartly—maybe you can actually win millions.

You will be punished

You can’t cheat in casino games. Obviously, you can apply different methods to enhance your winning chances, but you must not cheat while playing any game. Now, if we talk about movies, you might have witnessed scenes like the mafia members killing or beating the players for that. Don’t worry. That’s not gonna happen in real life. Obviously, the casino operators will ban you from playing games, or you may get criminal charges for cheating. But not more than that.

Casinos hire coolers

Casinos hire “cooler” so that players can’t win big—yeah, but only in movies. Yes, according to the movie’s concept, casinos employ them so that they can visit the table and pass their bad luck to the casino players to stop them from winning jackpots. Some people even think they will lose all the money for the cooler. But if you try to analyze the concept properly, you will know the whole thing is baseless. It is impossible to transfer luck between players, as it is a personal attribute.

Author: Monica Chereji